[Development] New repair and damage mechanics in Ground Vehicle Realistic Battles

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We would like to add a small explanation and emphasize, once again that the purpose of the changes is to make the game in vehicles with unresearched modifications more enjoyable.


We do not plan to change the basics of the gameplay in RB with these changes nor how any damage caused affects the game situation. Now, if you have caused functional damage to an enemy, you have some time to destroy him fully but if you did not succeed in doing this the enemy will be able to repair after some time and become dangerous to you again. You still cannot count on the absence of the modification "parts" from the enemy when you fight them. This will remain in the new mechanics, only that those who have not researched the modification will have an improved chance, for example, to get to a capture point and fix it there or approach an ally who can help with the repair and sometimes cover you in a hopeless situation.


We are ready to consider various options for these mechanics based on the results of discussions, for example, to do something with damaged gun barrels for a period of time (comparable to the repair kit/parts) in complete disabling of firing, or not to change the mechanics of damaged weapons at all and return only mobility. In our experience the designated critical damage to a gun is serious enough so we decided that it was possible to implement it for RB in this way. But a significant amount of criticism in the mechanics associated with weapons makes us think about other options. Therefore, we expect practical constructive proposals and dialogue from you.

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Even though I think Gaijin sadly misheard the community as the whole flame was not about "The stock tanks are useless" but more about "We can not get Parts/FPE quickly enough because the grind is ridiculous" and thus this solution is actually something nobody asked for, personally I can see this as one that could potentially work. In my eyes it does not matter that the stock tank without engine and gun will move only as fast as walking speed and will not be able to hit a barn from the inside, I am all for it. But it really has to be only as useful as a blind turtle supposed to run a marathon and hit bullseyes along the way At least it gives even the stock vehicles a theoretical chance to do something. A hope. BUT, some rules HAVE TO be followed:


1) The handicaps have to be very harsh (even harsher than now, I would not be afraid to double the current proposed ones), you absolutely can not diminish the importance of researching Parts/FPE, damaged stock tank without repairs can not come even close to the performance of a tank with repairs. These changes should only ever give hope to the stock tankers, or maybe give a chance to get a lucky kill/repair at point to the most skilled players with best situational awareness. That way, players will be forced to improve even by this mechanic as it will not be a comfortable pillow to fall on when critically damaged with no Parts researched.


2) When players come again eventually (and they will) and start crying that the handicaps are too harsh and they can not do anything with their stock tanks, you can not give in! Maybe remind them of the earlier state where stock tanks really could not do anything even in theory. This is very important! If this solution comes in, devs have to make sure that harsh handicaps will never be lightened, because this is where the way to more arcadish gameplay trully starts.


But if these rules are obeyed, I can see this being a good add to the gameplay.

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First of all. I would like to express my gratitude towards the team for the amount of attention that they've given to this issue, I'm really grateful for it.BUT.

BUT In my opinion this is not the right method to solve this issue.
Now after reading through the opinions of others I've seen Many great ideas that could serve as a great solution.
So the following few lines will be these ideas gathered up into one post.


Starting the new damage and repair proposal. While it sounds good at first I would have to agree with the previous commenters, that this way realistic would turn into a sort of Arcade+ game mode.

So as for my proposal(the ideas that I've gathered from others).  A halfway solution would be the best. That way when the tank is damaged it would have to be repaired, the same way it is done

when parts are researched but at the end of the repair the tank would be operational but not perfect with the same penalties applied for the tanks in terms of mobility, firing accuracy etc. based on 

the damage the vehicle has suffered.Additionally a full repair would be possible at each cap. zone.

As for the repair times in my opinion could take the same amount of time as it would with parts because I feel like the penalties would be enough of a hindrance.


As for point would be in regards to light tanks and FPE. The idea in a nutshell would be that a light tank could have the ability to extinguish another player on the battlefield. Now this could be done

a few different ways, such as:

1. The tank would sacrifice one of its Fire extinguishers to help out a burning teammate

2.They would receive one additional FPE

3. They would have a modification available which would be the additional FPE exclusively for extinguishing other players.

or any kind of combinations of these.

Additionally the supporting role of light tanks could be incentivized more with the increase of RP and SL payout for helping teammates.


Alright so that would be it! I hope this this packed up version is easy to follow and will hopefully stand out.

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