PS4 - Japanese Pacific Campaign - Progression Blocker



Repro Steps:


- Buy the Japanese historical campaign.

- Start the campaign.

- Proceed to the second mission.

- Attack Pearl Harbor with the B5N bomber.

- Notice the Objective does not update, resulting in a progression blocker.




When the mission started, I saw the objective marked by a yellow circle as I took control of the B5N bomber. I attacked, sunk a dozen ennemies and scored a couple of hits on the battleships. 
Unfortunately, I got no mission update, no yellow circle, just nothing. Repro Rate: 9/10


When I first tried the mission, the day I bought the campaign, I could proceed once to the next step: I took control of an A6M2 to strafe PBYs, but after dealing with all the ground targets, the same issue occurred. No objective update, so I just had to give up. Repro Rate: 1/10


Please refer to the attachments for visual references. On the first screenshot, the objective is clearly indicated by the yellow circle. On the second screenshot, no update popped up, no objective was updated.


Expected result:

Please fix the campaign so I can finish it and unlock the Japanese victory marks OR unlock the victory marks in the customization menu since this is the only reason why I bought the campaign. 



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Our moderator testing shows that if you hit the ship below (highlighted in red), the mission is complete



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