This Tech Tree is only meant to for WW2 tanks modified/created by Canada or used by Canada. That is why I don't include any post WW2 tanks or vehicle as there aren't many that are unique from Canada and are just copies  from British tree. If gaijin would implement this tree it would only go to tier 3, then it should be solid with unique vehicles that could be fun.The BR of the vehicle is not correct its just estimate of where they could fit into the game.




I think they have fairly unique Medium Tanks,and SPG.

These vehicle could be a cool introduction into the game, I am not the first to show of these vehicle as there many other post. 


so these are some source for medium line:

 What the vehicles look like for the medium line:


Wolf Mk 1


Ram Mk1


Ram Mk2 Earlier Mklll,6pdr


Ram Mk 2 med Mk V 6pdr(Note this late hull for the Tank not mid hull)


Ram Mk 2 Late QF 75mm(note this the early hull could not find a picture with the late)


Grizzly MK 1


Grizzly MK 2


Some source:

For the SPG line there are lot less information on some of these tanks:                                                                                                                                


Universal Carrier armed with a 2 pounder gun Canadian variant.


Fox Mk lll 6 pdr Armored Car


Sexton Mk l


Sexton Mk 2


Sexton QF 17 pounder


Ram 3 inch sp



Ram 17 pounder

-I was unable to find any picture on it but from online source it seems to have existed but still not 100% sure.


Ram 3.7 inch



In conclusion I think it would bring interesting amount vehicles for those World war 2 player and it cool way of implementing the Canadians as they where one of the force that took one of the beaches on D-Day.

So let have discussion! 




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Would need more vehicles in the tree for it to be started, maybe some armored vehicles like they put in the Italian line? Though I'm not one to do research very thoroughly so I leave that to the community, but it is a good start as far as tanks go but as I said before it needs like 30 in each tree of army and aviation. I think we might have aviation covered but tanks is another story. As suggested before though I don't know how many armored vehicles we made back then if any at all I do know we make a few nowadays such as the Gurkha, and I think that's where we might be left with if a Canadian tech tree was added, unless Gajiin decides to add some British and U.S vehicles into our tree as well but maybe nerfed a little like we always do maybe something with the cannon or different shells or armor, I don't know what we did but I know we nerf things from others designs.


Also to answer your question in my article as one of a reserve vehicle will probably the one you put in and an armored vehicle of some sorts if we did make them that is, as I said I don't like to go in depth to research just not me plus I have other things to do.

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