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(11-10-2018) Alouette MG latency

Affected vehicle : SA.313B Alouette II

Issue : when using MMB in order to shoot the MG's, the guns won't fire immediately. There is some sort of "spin-up" time that you would encounter on rotary barrels guns like on AH-1 but with Alouette we have conventional guns so there should be no latency between hitting the trigger and the actual shot

You need to hold the click for a few hundred milliseconds. A classic click is not enough to fire the guns



LordMustang (Posted )

Your report has been approved
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  • Senior Technical Moderator

The bug report has been submitted.

This thread will remain unlocked for 7 days in order to allow anyone with information/examples or additional sources to post them.

It will also serve as a place where the developers may post questions, so please keep up to date here.

Thanks for your time and effort

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