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List of Previously Suggested Ideas - French Vessels (Please Check Before Creating A New Suggestion!)


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A reference archive of previously suggested threads related to French Naval Vessels. This thread is a document for everyone to see and check before they create a double post on an already discussed idea.


IMPORTANT: If you find something previously suggested/discussed that is not on this list and should be, please PM the Suggestion Moderators and let them know!


To make is easier to find a suggested item, use the Ctrl+F function to quickly locate something!




LcVMSSD.png France - Naval Vessels LcVMSSD.png




BB - Battleship

  • MN Bouvet class Battleship
  • MN Bouvine class Coastal Battleship
  • MN Bretagne class Battleship
  • MN Courbet class Battleship
  • MN Danton class Battleship
  • MN Dunkerque class Fast Battleship
  • MN Henri IV class Coastal Battleship
  • MN Iéna class Battleship
  • MN Normandie class Battleship
  • MN Richeliu class Battleship


CA - Heavy Cruiser

  • MN Algérie class Heavy Cruiser

  • MN Dupuy de Lôme class Armored Cruiser
  • MN Duquesne class Heavy Cruiser
  • MN Ernest Renan class Armored Cruiser
  • MN Suffren class Heavy Cruiser


CL - Light Cruiser

  • MN Capitani Romani class light cruiser
  • MN Colbert class Anti-Aircraft Cruiser
  • MN De Grasse class Light Cruiser
  • MN De Grasse class Anti-Aircraft Cruiser
  • MN D'Iberville class Torpedo Cruiser
  • MN Duguay-Trouin class Light cruiser
  • MN Émile Bertin class Light Cruiser
  • MN Jeanne d'Arc class Training Cruiser
  • MN La Galissonnière class Light Cruiser
  • MN Pluton class Minelaying Cruiser


DD - Destroyer


DE - Destroyer Escort

  • MN Aconit class Frigate
  • MN Arras class Sloop
  • MN Bougainville Class Sloop Suggestion
  • MN Commandant Rivière class Frigate
  • MN E-50 class Rapid Escort Vessel
  • MN E-52B class Frigate
  • MN Flower class Corvette
  • MN Suffren class Frigate


PC - Coastal Patrol

  • MN Amiral Mouchez class Patrol Vessel
  • FNFL Chasseur 5 class Submarine Chaser
  • MN Élan class Minesweeper
  • MN Furieux class Ironclad Coastal Defence ship
  • MN L'Adroit class Coastal Escorts Suggestion
  • MN Trident class Rapid Patrol Boat
  • MN Vedette de patrouille blindée Suggestion
  • MN Vedette de surveillance côtière Suggestion


PG - Gun Boat

  • MN La Combattante class Patrol Boat
  • MN Francis Garnier class Gun Boat
  • MN Friponne class Gun Boat


PT - Motor Torpedo Boat


  • MN Vedette type 40K Motor Torpedo Boat
  • MN VLT 1 class Motor Torpedo Boat


IX - Miscellaneous Classifications


  • MM Commandant Teste Class seaplane tender
  • MN Landing Craft Mechanized Monitor Class Suggestion
  • MN LCG(M)-1 class Medium Support Landing Craft
  • MN L-990 Light Monitor Class



xBTipiN.png Modifications / Loadouts   xBTipiN.png








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