Ping 495, disconnected from game

for more than two weeks I have problem that in battle my ping from approx. 30 ping jumps to exactly 495. No packet loss occurs, but game seems that it obviously lost connection to server. After few seconds it disconnects me to hangar, but I can immidietaly jump into another battle. Its incredibly annyoing cuz after this disconnection I have locked crew. My internet connection is stable though, I talk via TS3, load any webside in my browser even when the connection issue happens. Here you have I hope all file that are required.


CLOG file: (Had to upload it on external server as I am able to upload 50 MB only, but file has 61 MB)




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For the Forum file upload issue:

Please go to your Forum Profile.  (Very top right hand side of this page - you will see your username displayed -next to Messages and Notifications)

Select > Profile Name > My Attachments (Left hand side menu)

Select File(s) and Delete accordingly


Can you play some games with the Profiler running.

Please carry out the following:

1.  Start the game and login etc and wait for hangar screen to load.

2.  Press these keys together to start the profiler  Fn+Alt+F11 (These three buttons together turn the profiler on and off) (Alt+F11 if your keyboard has no Function key - Also for Linux)

3.  Play several games (at least 3) with the profiler on.

4.  After the end of the last game please press Fn + F11(F11 with no Function key - Also for Linux) this will write the information to the clog.  Please include this file with your report.

5.  Press Fn+Alt+F11 to stop the profiler(Alt+F11 if your keyboard has no Function key).

Can you then provide the clog file, replays and (if possible) video of the graphic events.  This will record the interactions between your client and the Game Servers in more detail to assist the Developers and the Technical Moderators solve your issue.


Can you also run a Trace Route please

    Click the Windows Icon (bottom left hand side of screen)  This will display the Menu options.
    Choose Run
    Type - tracert warthunder.com
    Press Enter
    Please screenshot and include the path result.



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Well my profile attachement limit is 50 MB so I can never update 61 MB clog but thats another story. I wanted to ask if should something pop up when I press the Alt+F11 buttons or whatever happen .. I havent noticed any difference. Also in those 3 (or more) games should be the connection issue happening or not - not sure if I understood right. 



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You seem to be running a custom hangar.   Can you please remove it and retest with the standard Gaijin hangar.


For the clog you should be able to play only a few games and provide that with the issue.  Your clog seems unusually large for the size that it is.  


Have you tried lowering the graphics settings?

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Hello I have exact same problem

I been having this issue approximately about a month ago.  Thought it was the router issue or my service provider since my router went dead about 3 days ago (I was using Wifi at the time 35mb\s download).
but I moved today and i am using different internet provider with much higher connection with direct connect to the modem  (New modem and currectly getting about 175mb/s download 15mb/s upload)
This is only happening in Warthunder and not any other games.
I dont have anything custom installed and I have 1050ti 4gb graphics card with 12gb or ram and i tried using medium to low setting and I am still having same issue.
I love playing this game and its only game I play everyday for the last 4 years. But since this issue started to happen. I cant play more then 1 or 2 games.
Now its frustrating to even try to play.
Please Help..


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Did you remove the custom hangar?


Thanks for the clog.  I will look at it.


Parky77, Please provide the same files.  You may have the same outcome, but the cause could be very different.  Without the files we will not know.


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