American AD-4 "without load" option

With the hope that I am posting this in the right section and apologizes if its not, can the developers allow the American AD-4 the option to fly without any ordinance? Recently I have noticed that while the American AD-4 does not have this option the French version does and overall that changes the performance of both planes despite them having similar stats. Having to fly the American AD-4 in Air RB with the 12 HVAR, hinders the performance of the plane to a near significant degree. By adding this option, American pilots of the AD-4 are allowed to bring out the full potential of the plane just like the French pilots can with theirs. Again I do sincerely apologize if this is not the section to post this request. 



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@Warhead_732 Could you please attach a CLOG with missing in AD-4?


Although the "bring out the full potential of the plane" is with the bombs/rockets.  AD is by no means a fighter, it is an attacker, in fact more like a single engine bomber (although curiously no bomb-only option).


Just FYI, the game does not count pylons for drag.  After dropping bomb and rockets it will fly at top performance.



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On 09/09/2018 at 08:11, Gavin_Mactavish said:

Wait, what. The pylons dont count as drag?.


I want to test this out, i have a feeling you may be incorrect.





I have been informed pylons not count as drag, but please test it and report.

Make new report please, as it is slightly off topic to this report.


As to this report, closed and archived.

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