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[] randomly kicked from game

The issue that I'm currently experiencing make the game unplayable, as the game will randomly boot me from 99% of the games that I play, with no cause as far as i can tell in game. this issue will make it so no mater what i do in the game I get nothing for it if the issue occurs. description of issue and how it manifests

  • I have noticed if the issue occurs and it boots me before the game starts, then when i try to go to battle in any of my plane's there will be a message pop up saying processing input for several minutes before I'm given a loading screen and am sent back to the hanger and can't fly any of my aircraft for 10+ minutes.
  • Occasionally after joining a game when you get the screen where you chose the aircraft you want to use, there will be a pop up "you are not in a que..." after which I was able to play for 1 to 8 minutes before being booted.
  • landing in a damaged B-34 bomber on the runway for repairs. (how ever i was only able to do this once as I was booted before i could try to replicate it again.)
  • crashing into the ground during low altitude attack runs
  • being shot down by an enemy player
  • after nearly killing another player that was in a Japanese bomber with the forward facing guns on a B-34 medium bomber
  • randomly while attempting to carpet bomb enemy ground forces
  • after managing to destroy some stationary artillery with the torpedoes on a PBY-5, through the use of dive bombing tactics in a minor damaged plane leading to some unplanned litobreaking between the PBY-5 and the ground, resulting in the destruction of the plane.
  • using a B-34 as a gunship
  • spawning into the map


I have not found any way to reproduce this issue.

DxDiag war thunder bug report.txt


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Have you checked that your PC is not one of those affected by the Ryzen BIOS update that is needed?   Can you please contact AMD if you have not done so and check with them about this.


Can you also please update you graphics driver.


Please carry out the following:

1.  Start the game and login etc and wait for hangar screen to load.

2.  Press these keys together to start the profiler  Fn+Alt+F11 (These three buttons together turn the profiler on and off) (Alt+F11 if your keyboard has no Function key - Also for Linux)

3.  Play several games (at least 3) with the profiler on.

4.  After the end of the last game please press Fn + F11(F11 with no Function key - Also for Linux) this will write the information to the clog.  Please include this file with your report.

5.  Press Fn+Alt+F11 to stop the profiler(Alt+F11 if your keyboard has no Function key).

Can you then provide the clog file, replays and (if possible) video of the graphic events.  This will record the interactions between your client and the Game Servers in more detail to assist the Developers and the Technical Moderators solve your issue.


Can you also run a Trace Route please

    Click the Windows Icon (bottom left hand side of screen)  This will display the Menu options.
    Choose Run
    Type - tracert
    Press Enter
    Please screenshot and include the path result.


Ideally whilst this issue that you have occurs.   Normally, these kinds of drop outs are ISP related.  


Are you using a WI-FI Connection?   Do you share the Internet with multiple other people in the building you are in?




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