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14/7/18 ( N.C.900 incorrect engine cowling armour



It seems that the french N.C.900 in equipped with incorrect engine cowling armour. The current armour layout is similar to the Fw 190 A-5 despite the N.C.900 being based on the Fw 190 A-8 variant.


Fw 190 A-8: 10mm and 6mm

N.C.900: 5mm and 3mm

Näyttökuva (4).png

Näyttökuva (5).png

Näyttökuva (9).png

Näyttökuva (10).png

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Your Bug Report is submitted.


This thread will remain unlocked for 7 days in order to allow anyone with information / evidence / examples to post them.

It will also serve as a place where the developers may post questions for you to answer, so please keep up to date here.


Thank you for helping us improving the game.



Rapitor, for the ™ team

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