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Fwd 2018-07-03 [] Incorrect gunner sight for the AMX-30B2 and AMX-40

Full name of the vehicles affected


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Detailed description of the problem

Currently, the three tanks mentioned above have the same gunner view magnification and field of view (FoV) which I estimate (see spoiler below) to be very close to x11 for the magnification, and around 90mil for the FoV.



Gunner view for the AMX-30B2, AMX-30-B2 BRENUS, AMX-40 pointing to a ~90mil in-game FoV and a x11 magnification (by comparing the size of the IT-1 in gunner and commandant view, better than 3rd person view; 2560x1440 32" screen; zooming all images by a factor 5 to make measurements). The FoV is obtained by measuring the diameter of the aperture circle (knowing the length corresponding to 64mil on the marked reticle).


The official document presented below (kindly provided to me by Stefan Kotsch, author of a very informative website on modern MBTs http://www.kotsch88.de/) gives ample details on the M581 gunner monocular telescope which features a x10 magnification and a 120mil FoV. This system is also used by the AMX-40 as justified by the documents presented in this already forwarded moderated bug report (also confirming the x10 magnification of the M581 system, but which would not specify its FoV).

Le Tir de l’A.M.X. 30 B2, ABC 125-4, Etat-major de l’Armée de Terre, Ministère de la Défense (1988) [Firing the A.M.X. 30 B2, ABC 125-4, Headquarter of the ground forces, Ministry of Defense (1988)]. I enclose the cover and the relevant page 9 (table describing the properties of the different telescopes).



Cover and page 9 of Le Tir de l’A.M.X. 30 B2, ABC 125-4, Etat-major de l’Armée de Terre, Ministère de la Défense (1988).
Section 122 titled "What are the observation means?" presents a table of all optical equipments, including the gunner ("tireur" in French) M581 system pointing to a x10 magnification ("grossissement" in French) and a 120mil FoV ("champ (de vision)" in French).


Proposed fix of the problem

Increase the gunner view FoV of the AMX-30B2, AMX-30-B2 BRENUS, and AMX-40 to 120mil (from the current value of about 90mil) and set the magnification to x10 (probably around x11, currently).

PS: many web sources (including the very well informed website mentioned above, whose author provided the central document of this report) point to a x12 magnification and a 5° (~90mil) FoV for the gunner sight of the EMES-15 system of the Leopard 2A4, instead of the current in-game x10 and the ludicrous 160mil FoV. The Leopard 2A4 has a better magnification then the AMX-30B2 and AMX-40, but a narrower FoV (hence the need of the thermal x4 magnification). In-game, it is currently just the opposite! I address this issue for the Leopard 2 in this bug report.
Finally, the x10 maximum magnification and 113mil FoV of the M1 Abrams (for which I have also official documents) seem to be currently correctly modeled in-game but there is also an alternative x3 magnification with 380mil FoV which is not modeled in the game; I address this issue in this bug report.

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In addition to Spoiler 1, here is the view from the spawning point in test drive of the IT-1 on the right, in commandant view (3rd person is too much behind the tank) and gunner view. I measure the size of the IT-1 in both views after zooming the original screenshots (2560x1440 resolution; 32" screen) by a factor 5. The apparent width of the IT-1 in commandant view is 3.6cm in all cases.
In gunner view:
For The M1 Abrams, the Leopard 2K, and the Leopard 2A4, the IT-1 has an effective width of 36.1cm, leading to a x10 magnification.

For the AMX-30B2, AMX-30B2 Brenus, AMX-40, the IT-1 has an effective width of 39.9cm, leading to a magnification.very close to x11


The AMXs have the largest magnification in-game, whereas the Leopard 2A4 should have the largest one.
In game, the AMXs have the smallest FoV, and the Leopard 2A4 the largest. In real life, it is exactly the contrary...
All in all, the Abrams has currently the best modeled gunner view, although it lacks an alternative x3 magnification.



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Hi @No_Camping,

Your Bug Report is submitted to the developers for their consideration.

This thread will remain unlocked for 7 days in order to allow anyone with any additional information, evidence, or examples to post them, after which the report will remain active but will be archived. It will also serve as a place where the developers may post questions for you to answer, so please keep up to date here.

Thank you for helping us improve the game.

Kind regards,

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