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Xbox One - Bug Reports, Issues and Suggestions

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Welcome to all our players from Xbox One!


We greatly appreciate your feedback and reports as it helps us to improve the game as we move forward. We want all of our players to have the best possible experience, regardless of their platform. As such, player made bug reports detailing spesific issues are our biggest contributing factor to eliminating any issues and fixing any problems a player may experience.


For Xbox One, we have a spesific Bug Reporting forum, which can be found HERE.


If you experience an issue in game, please create a bug report in the above section. (Anyone can create a bug report, you dont need to play a minimum number of games to create topics or post in the Bug Report area)


If your have questions regarding the game, or perhaps just need some general game support, we also have the Xbox One spesific section in the Community Technical Support area. 


Should you have any suggestions or ideas for the game, such as a new vehicle, map, mission, feature or event, you can post a suggestion topic in our dedicated Suggestions Area


We really hope you enjoy the game and wish you the greatest success in the skies, on the ground and in the seas of War Thunder!


The War Thunder Team

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