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23/6/18 M.C. 1000LB bomb loadout should be given on the All british Plane/Pland mods designed/produced later than 1943 with G.P. 1000 LB bomb

For convenience, Articles from a webpage are here :



The 1000lb General Purpose bomb was used throughout the war and it can be said that the 1000lb bomb was a standard bomb for the Royal Air Force, as with other General Purpose bombs the 1000lb was replaced by a Medium Capacity version, this took place at the beginning of 1943. Large stocks of the bombs existed and they were still being used by the end of the war.



In April 1942 it was decided that a medium capacity bomb weighing around 1000lb was required to replace the 1000lb General Purpose bomb, the  bomb was to incorporate as many components from the 1000lb GP as possible.


Given sources in the National Archives :




I did not ordered those documents, so can not define when the G.P. 1000 LB bomb is spent (NAVORD OP 1665 BRITISH EXPLOSIVE ORDNANCE gives G.P. 1000 LB was in service till 10 June 1946 at least, tho). But surely planes designed/produced later than 1943 (and able to use any 1000 LB bomb) should be able to use M.C. 1000LB also.


A good example for this is Firebrand TF Mk. IV. This one has M.C. 1000 LB counterpart for each of loadout with G.P. 1000 LB bomb.

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