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Hints and Tips for generating good .clog files

The .clog files contains extensive debugging information, and is very helpful when trying to figure out a problem.


Every time you start a new War Thunder session, a new .clog file will be created. This file will log data throughout your session until you quit, or the game crashes.


If there is a specific bug you want to highlight, you can make it easier for the developers to identify the problem by starting a new War Thunder session, creating the bug, then exiting immediately or when your match ends. This limits the .clog file to the session where the bug/issue is seen so the developers can zero in on the issue quicker.


The .clog files (on the Mac) are located in your user folder -> My Games/WarThunder/_game_logs  and will contain the date of the session. Send the .clog file to us by attaching it to the bug report.




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