War Thunder's Top Screenshots of the month competition May


Dear Players!

Welcome to our revamped Top Screenshots of the month competition.

Each week* a panel of official judges, chosen from the team, will vote on the top 5 Screenshots submitted each week and the winners will receive 300 Golden Eagles for being placed in the top 5. Every week 5 new winners will be drawn and at the end of the month, the judges will vote on the top 3 of the month from the winners throughout the month and those winners will earn 1500 GE each!

If possible please make your screenshots with War Thunder watermark.
One entry per week!

Top three Screenshots of the month will be chosen for following categories:

1. Straight Screenshot (Unmodified) - any unmodified screenshot - aircraft / tank
2. Artistic Screenshot (anything that has been touched up by photoshop etc) - creative or artistic enough to get our attention.

To submit a screenshot for consideration, post a single screenshot here. Please upload your screenshot to our a live.warthunder and link it in your post. Make sure to include the title of your screenshot and if desired, a brief description of it.

Please do not post anything containing swastikas, SS division symbols, profanity, vulgar symbols, etc. If you post screenshots that contain one of these or post something ridiculous, your screenshot will not even be considered. We will be choosing screenshots that may be used in future updates or articles so you acknowledge to waive your rights to them over to us.. You are free to post screenshots for both planes and tanks or both.

And lastly, to have this thread the clearest and cleanest possible, please respect this format for your submissions




[b]NAME[/b] (Your name)
[color=#a52a2a][b]TITLE OF THE PICTURE[/b][/color] (The name of the picture)
[i]CATEGORY [/i] (Straight screenshot, artistic screenshot) 
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Triumph And Tragedy

Artistic Screenshot 


(Swastika has been sensed in this version, it has not on live)


Skin by: @brodyaga_enot

Skin by: @Petranera


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                                                                                                          The 3 Amigos

                                                                                                      Straight screenshot 




War Thunder Super-Resolution 2018.05.06 -

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