Ok so WT got a visual overhaul and I decided to re check my fx settings (and play the italian tree after 2 years of inactivity) and share them with the community:


First off i want to point out that the default tone mapping looks really nice, much better than before. The goal with my setting is to get the most visibility but maintaining a good look, unlike reinhard that i used in the past; its very effective and clear (many in SB recommend it), but it looks like the game is 10 years older. With these settings that i attached I can see the horizon a lot more clear, get less white saturation and a more realistic tone down lighting. some cloud borders may look a bit more white-bleed compared to default but its minimal, a minuscule compromise for an overall smoother, less flashy visual.

Also to help with the blur caused by TAA  increasing sharpness is a must, also shown in pic attached.


It may look like a lazy setting looking at the values but i tested it quite a bit, always the best results are reached the simplest way.

I would post pics comparing them but trust me, use my settings and then compare to see if its better or not. test both in menu and in game.


PS offtopic; im having freezing when in game I want to know if others have this issue as well



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