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War Thunder Update 1.31







Squadrons are in-game integration of players, designed for joint combat, participation in tournaments and viewing of squadron statistics. The squadrons are designed to unite players under the same tag and title. Members of a Squadron - are brothers in arms who fight side by side, together they share the bitterness of defeat and glory of victory!


You can create your squadron with a unique name, tag and motto. Squadron names can consist of Latin symbols or numbers of 1 to 5 symbols. The maximum number of people in the squadron at the moment is 128. The cost of creating a squadron is 2500 gold eagles. You can monitor the effectiveness of your Squadron  in a special record table.


Attention! Squadrons are temoprarily unavailable for preliminary registration of existing squadrons. All Squadron features will be available to all players within 2 days after the Update Release.



Integration with Facebook and Twitch.tv


Facebook will allow players to share screenshots, end of the battle windows, display their new rank etc. A functional Twitch.tv account will allow players to share videos of their fights directly in real time. 


New Tutorials


The Tutorial’s have been completely redesigned. Now it’s even easier for beginners to learn to shoot, bomb and dogfight!


Play with your friends


Now you can invite your friends for a game of War Thunder with special in-game functionality.

Those signing up will receive an additional 50 eagles at the first entry to the game!

For every friend you get to invite via your account:


You will receive:


  • 50,000 silver lions, when a friend reaches Rank 5 in any country.
  • 100 golden eagles when one reaches rank 10 in any country.
  • 500 golden eagles when one reaches Rank 20 in any country
  • The unique extra crew slot in each country if 10 friends that you have introduced have all reached rank 10.
  • As well as additional rewards if a guest buys Eagles!


New maps for Arcade


Top of the World 


Arctic - dazzling snowy landscapes and a variety of targets: pillboxes, artillery, armoured columns and ships. You will be engaging the enemy in a dynamic battle over the "top of the world."


Cliffed Coast


Ireland - sharp closely spaced high cliffs - a great place to play cat and mouse. You will perform incredible maneuvers that will help throw off the enemy on your six by creating an obstacle course for him to pursue you.



Zhengzhou - Historical Battles (Custom Battles only at the moment)


April 14, 1944 of the 12th Japanese Army of the Northern Front launched an offensive against Chinese troops of the 1st Military District (BP) in the direction of Zhengzhou, Tsyueshan, breaking through the Chinese defence by armoured vehicles. Thus was the beginning of the Beijing-Hankousskoy operation, a day later they moved toward the 11th Army of the Central Front of the District of Xinyang, on the offensive against the 5th Chinese BP to surround the Chinese group in the valley of the Huai River. participating in this operation in the main areas was 148,000 Japanese soldiers and officers. The attack was successfully completed by May 9. Parts of the two armies joined in the town of Tsyueshan. During the operation, the Japanese had captured the strategically important city of Zhengzhou (April 19) and Luoyang (25 May). In the hands of the Japanese was a large part of the province of Henan and the entire railway line from Beijing to Hankou.


New aircraft





XP-50 (premium)

XP-55 (premium)












Ki-45 ko Toryu

Ki-45 otsu Toryu

Ki-45 tei Toryu

Ki-45 hei Toryu


Added New Premium Level 1 aircraft:


USA - Thach's F2A-1 Buffalo;

Germany - Marcolin's CR.42CN ;

USSR - Zhukovsky's I-153-M62 ;

Britain - Tuck's Gladiator Mk.II;

Japan - Hagiri's A5M4 .




After your first battle against other players (in case you receive any XP) – You will receive one of these aircraft  for the nation you chose. (One free aircraft only)


Choose your first battle carefully!


Second and fifth battle will bring you some bonus XP


Seventh battle will give you 50 000 Silver Lions




The new interactive background hangar for your aircraft. Now all your planes are located right on the runway.


  • Added the display of the cause of death of your aircraft;
  • The "Save username and password" in the login window is now divided into two separate fields;
  • Added three new variants of the login window background and loading;
  • slightly redesigned colour scheme of in-game interface;
  • Complete redesign of the debriefing panel, it is now more informative and colourful;
  • Reworked Pilot Card;
  • Completely changed the tab "Achievements" and "Awards";
  • The decal application interface has been re-designed to be more user friendly. Now all the decals are in one place;
  • Game options Menu - added "Community" with the settings for Facebook and Twitch.tv;
  • Changed the icons indicating the current bonuses and promotions.
  • Changed the color of the text when displaying events in battle. Now, the message text will be displayed pale blue when shooting down the enemy and pale red - an ally instead of white, as before;




  • Changed the calculation of shadows, increased their effective resolution;
  • Added effect lens flare;
  • Added effect of SSAO (approximate global illumination simulation technology) for quality settings;
  • Improved lighting model for aircraft;
  • Improved support for 3D Vision;
  • Improved game performance in the all Higher Settings (except for ATI cards with the old drivers and ATI graphics cards to 4800 series);
  • Changed calculation and rendering of clouds. Clouds now intersect with the terrain without visual artifacts;
  • Fixed animation of tailhook hook on the the F4U;
  • Fixed display of slats on some aircraft;
  • Fixed display of torpedoes in the hangar.




  • New voices for voice commands in English, French, Spanish and Italian added;

  • New sounds for the new hangar and debriefing window

  • New voicework for tutorials (Russian and English)




  • Added air raid siren on airfields;
  • Added cockpit for dive bomber Pe-2-1;
  • Fixed behavior of the AI ​​bombers on missions;
  • Fixed inability to complete the mission Battle of Solomon Islands;
  • Improved collision detection on contact with the surfaces of the aircraft;
  • Fixed wandering planes on moving aircraft carriers;
  • Added modification for the bomber crews of the United States and Britain: splinter-proof vests;
  • Improved synchronization with the server for aircraft;


  • Improved movement of ground vehicles in a formation while moving on the roads;
  • Added additional fuel filling (MW50, GM1, NO2, WM) on the ground;
  • Improved behavior of bombs, rockets and torpedoes in the air, they now behave more realistically;
  • Fixed a bug that caused the random movement of a Torpedo after launch.
  • Configured tension of arrestor wires on aircraft carriers, the hooking has become more realistic;
  • Fixed a bug which resulted in the aircraft severely shaking and jumping up and down on moving aircraft carriers, which gave various random movement.
  • Fixed incorrect bomb bounce (when uding delayed detonation on some of the bridges;
  • Improved calculation of the frictional forces, when braking and taxiing over rough terrain.
  • Rank  of Yak-3 raised from 9 th to 10 th;
  • Rank of La-7 lowered from 14th to 12th;
  • Rank of La-5 FN lowered from 11 th to 9 th;
  • Rank of A6M2-N lowered from 4 to 3;
  • Rank of Ki-49-IIb raised from 7 th to 8 th;
  • Rank of Ki-49-IIb / late increased from 7 th to 9 th;
  • Added mountable suspension modification kits for weapons R5 Bf.109G-6, Bf.109G-10, Bf.109K-4;
  • Abilty to mount through modification of motor gun MK 108 Bf.109G-10;
  • Added MGFFM gun for the following aircraft: Bf-110C4, Do-217E4 (turret version);
  • Posted bomb armament for the F-86A-5 Sabre, in the form of 2-under-wing 500-pound bombs;
  • Added bomb load for Do.217N-1 - 8 bombs sc50;
  • For IL-10 added bomb load of 2-250kg bombs FAB-250;
  • For the Yak-9P added mountable modification motor gun: NA-23 and H-37 (23 mm and 37 mm, respectively);
  • For BK-37 cannon added a new ammo rack option - "To engage aerial targets";
  • Machine gun type 92, type 89, type 97 to change the default ammo racks (part of general purpose bullets replaced by special);
  • For aircraft, armed with guns and ShVAK Hispano, added options for racks with an increased number of tracers (every second and every third, respectively);
  • The redesigned mechanism for information conversion rate of weapons in the arcade fighting (the old values ​​are reset to the default value of 400 meters);
  • Added increase in the spread of shells as increasing the length of the burst of heavy automatic cannon;
  • Reduced the xhance of large-caliber automatic guns jamming when firing long bursts;
  • Improved visibility of tracers on caliber 7 mm, 12 mm and 20 mm;
  • Refined ballistics, loss of penetration and damage to the caliber of the bullets and shells 7.5-7.92 mm, 12.7-13 mm and 20-23 mm;
  • Redesigned high-explosive and fragmentation effect for all shells and bullets;
  • Improved effect of explosive and incendiary bullets on the aircraft skin;
  • Fixed position of the effect of the shot on the MiG-9;
  • Implemented simulation time delay fuses (projectile after charging may take some distance from the trigger and go deep into the design of the aircraft);


  • Fixed number of rounds to 20-mm cannon Bf-109G10 from 150 to 200;
  • Fixed a number of shells for the guns of La-7 from 150 to 170 on the trunk;
  • For LaGG-3 series 35 and 66 to change the amount of cartridges and shells: from 500 to 200 for a machine gun UBS and from 120 to 150 for the gun ShVAK.
  • Fixed amount of ammunition for the machine guns MG 131 turret on the aircraft Me-410a-1, Me-410a-1 u2, Me-410a-1 u4 from 450 to 500 rounds per gun;
  • Fixed number of rounds on two foreign exchange guns MG 151/20 on an airplane Me-410a-1 u2 from 230 to 250 rounds per gun;
  • Changed the number of cartridges on a plane P-40 until you have 240/291/312 rounds per gun;
  • Fixed turret on the aircraft Ju-87D3/D5/G1/G2, MG17 machine gun replaced by coaxial MG-81 machine guns
  • Fixed a bug in the aircraft armament Er-2 with turret Lu2B M105 machine gun in the bottom hatch install corrected to collar;
  • On the MiG-9, MiG-15 NS-37 cannon replaced by Guns N-37D;


Changes in DM


  • Reworked dynamic damage model of aircraft;
  • Reworked damage system: Liquid and air cooling;
  • Refined materials design elements and components, specified strength of the various elements of the design;
  • Refined work of fire prevention systems on the aircraft (charging neutral gases, self-sealing tanks, etc.);
  • Reworked system fires, increasing the probability of fire fighting shifted toward higher velocities, the probability of extinction at high speeds enhanced;
  • Fixed a bug where some of the planes could continue a long flight with no visible damage in the presence of a fire.

Other Changes


  • Error in  Do.217J and Do.217N1 planes description fixed (cannon ammo capacity was wrong)
  • OS2U plane description error fixed
  • Error that lead to random positioning of  aiming reticule in Historical Battles is fixed


Changes in FM


list of updated FMs here 

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Golly its a big update, but it looks like its going to be well worth it!

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Guest P_H_Clostermann

Alpha testing: Complete.




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Alpha testing: Complete.





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Well... does anyone else encounter this:



last infected file:

E:\Games\War Thunder\aces.exe


found malware:


used Virusscanner:

Avira Free Edition


i guess my Scanner just got a little Hyper Sensitive

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One note on the (excellent comprehensive) patchnotes, the descriptions of the plane re-tiering (i.e. Yak 3 lowered from 11 to 10) describes the change from the earlier version of 1.31 on the dev server, NOT the change from 1.29 to 1.31.


This may well be VERY confusing for the majority reading this who did not participate on the dev server

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One note on the (excellent comprehensive) patchnotes, the descriptions of the plane re-tiering (i.e. Yak 3 lowered from 11 to 10) describes the change from the earlier version of 1.31 on the dev server, NOT the change from 1.29 to 1.31.


This may well be VERY confusing for the majority reading this who did not participate on the dev server


Thank you, mate!


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Still no P-38/XP-38 flightmodel.


But we got more russian craft!

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Ok, some people are gonna throw a hissy fit because these notes aren't including the new FM's. You may want to add it in before people lose their sanity.

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