War Thunder's Top Screenshots of the month competition September


Dear Players!

Welcome to our revamped Top Screenshots of the month competition.

Each week* a panel of official judges, chosen from the team, will vote on the top 5 Screenshots submitted each week and the winners will receive 300 Golden Eagles for being placed in the top 5. Every week 5 new winners will be drawn and at the end of the month, the judges will vote on the top 3 of the month from the winners throughout the month and those winners will earn 1500 GE each!

If possible please make your screenshots with War Thunder watermark.
One entry per week!

Top three Screenshots of the month will be chosen for following categories:

1. Straight Screenshot (Unmodified) - any unmodified screenshot - aircraft / tank
2. Artistic Screenshot (anything that has been touched up by photoshop etc) - creative or artistic enough to get our attention.

To submit a screenshot for consideration, post a single screenshot here. Please upload your screenshot to our a live.warthunder and link it in your post. Make sure to include the title of your screenshot and if desired, a brief description of it.

Please do not post anything containing swastikas, SS division symbols, profanity, vulgar symbols, etc. If you post screenshots that contain one of these or post something ridiculous, your screenshot will not even be considered. We will be choosing screenshots that may be used in future updates or articles so you acknowledge to waive your rights to them over to us.. You are free to post screenshots for both planes and tanks or both.

And lastly, to have this thread the clearest and cleanest possible, please respect this format for your submissions




[b]NAME[/b] (Your name)
[color=#a52a2a][b]TITLE OF THE PICTURE[/b][/color] (The name of the picture)
[i]CATEGORY [/i] (Straight screenshot, artistic screenshot) 
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"Enemy Carriers - Strawberry 5"

Artistic Screenshot


enemy carriers.jpg

                This is a recreation of the historic sighting of Vice Admiral Nagumo's carrier task force off of the Midway Islands in 1942 by the PBY Catalina known as it's code-name "Strawberry 5." It was about 250 miles out on it's patrol when it spotted the large task force, giving the American fleet consisting of the carriers Enterprise, Hornet, and Yorktown time to lessen the distance between the task forces in order to launch an early attack on the Japanese fleet as their aircraft were rearming and refueling from their strikes on the airstrips and boatyards on Midway. Shortly after Lt. Howard Ady and his crew aboard Strawberry 5 spotted the carriers, a second PBY which went by the code-name "Strawberry 12," spotted the Japanese aircraft on their initial attack on the island. The failure of these planes to eliminate the runways on Midway caused the dilemma of the Japanese commanders having to decide whether their planes should rearm with contact bombs to launch a second attack on Midway, or to instead equip torpedoes to deal with the U.S. carriers which had been spotted by IJN reconnaissance aircraft Northeast of the island. This indecision gave the American Dauntless dive bombers and TBD Devastators the opportunity to attack with little aerial opposition, leading to catastrophic damage maximized by the presence of munitions left exposed on the decks of the carriers Akagi, Kaga, and Sōryū. The last remaining fleet carrier, Hiryū, was badly damaged and was scuttled by her crew the following day after it became apparent that it was impossible to make repairs at sea and to defend the ship from aerial attack. This reduced the Japanese naval forces to only two fleet carriers, Shōkaku and Zuikaku, hindering any further offensive operations by Japanese forces in the Pacific Theater. If not for the sighting of the Japanese carrier force by Lt. Ady and his crew, Midway could have been lost and a successful attack could have been carried out on the Hornet, Enterprise, and Yorktown (sinking her before launching her air arm), leaving the Lexington Class ship Saratoga the last remaining U.S. navy carrier in the Pacific. Camouflage of Strawberry 5 provided by Engine_95 and is available here: https://live.warthunder.com/post/228850/en/

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