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Forum Guideline for Forum starters (Reworked)

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Hi all! This is a rework and an updated version of RainbowDasH's old forum guideline for starters. I've broken this up into sections to make it easier to find things.

What this guide covers:

  • Rules
  • Moderation
  • Search function
  • Forum sections
  • Profile details
  • File attachments
  • Private messaging
  • Status updates



War Thunder Rules

It's extremely important to read the rules, it can save you a lot of trouble later on. This covers both the forum rules & game rules. Rules apply to everything on the forum, ranging from topics and discussions to signatures and profile pictures. It would be a good idea to be familiar with them before you start posting.


As there are rules, we have moderators to enforce the rules. If you, for what ever reason, need help or have a question, feel more than free to contact any of the moderators from the staff list, located below.

Who is who and Reporting Procedure

Staff members languages are also listed. If needed, contact one that speaks your native language.

Contacting a moderator should be done via private messaging, and not via status updates.


Search function

Before creating a topic, make sure that the topic you are looking to create does not already exist. If the topic does exist, then there's no need for a new one. Simply post in the existing topic!

The search function can also be useful in bug reporting & suggestions. It's basically the same as above - if the report or suggestion already exists, add your additional information to the existing report if it's a bug report, and reply to the existing suggestion if it's a suggestion.


If you are confused as to how to work the search function, see inside the spoiler.


If you're looking to search through the entire forum for something generic, just type as is with no special options, as seen below.


You'll get a broad selection of results and maybe you'll find what you want!


What I recommend is the "Advanced Search", seen if you click that little drop down that says "All Content" to the left of the search bar.


Below is a full explanation of the Advanced Search window.



Click "Search Content" once done, and you will be given specific results.



Forum sections

We have sections for certain discussions, please make sure that the topic you are posting is in the correct section before hitting the "submit" button!

I highly suggest checking out the already existing topic on forum sections, there's a wonderful guide there that makes understanding the sometimes intimidating forum sections, a lot easier. It is located below.

Layout, Posting Discipline and a simple plea to our Players.


Profile details

Most profile details can be changed by navigating to your profile, and clicking on "Edit Profile" in the top right of your profile. For the sake of information, I will explain each detail you can edit, below.  Some however, are located elsewhere.

Each detail marked with a * is located in the "Edit Profile" part of your profile.


Member Group

Your Member Group is determined by either tester status or role on the WT team. Normal members without both of these have the group "Members", or "New Member" if they have just joined the forums.



If you need to change your birthday, you can do so.


Enable Status Updates*

Enabling/disabling this will determine whether or not you can post status updates on your profile, or if another member can write something on your profile.


Contact Methods*

Shown under your name on threads you make or reply to, this will show any contact information you decide to provide.


Profile Information*

Gender, Location & Interests are all shown in the same general location as Contact Methods. You may change these if needed.


Profile Fields - About Me*

You can edit your "About Me" section, shown on your profile under the tab "About Me".


Other details


File attachments

To attach an image, video or some sort of file to a thread, simply drag the file into the file box at the bottom of the edit box. Image below, in case the wording is a tad confusing.

Allowed file types are: jpg, bmp, png, gif, clog, dmp, txt, evxt, rar, zip, yup, bin, blk, mp4, dll, wepl, pdf, log, tga




Private messaging

If you would like to send a private message to another user, follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit their profile
  2. Click on "Send Message"
  3. Enter a subject and type your message, click send once finished.
  4. Once the receiving user has read your message, they may respond using the "Reply" box in the PM window, as can you.


Status updates

Status updates are a way of letting your followers or anyone who visits your profile, what you're up to! There are rules regarding status updates, so make sure to be familiar with those before you post a status update. To do this, you must have enabled "Enable Status Updates" in your profile details.



That's pretty much it! If you feel anything should be added to this guide, please send me a private message! Credit will be given where due.

Cheers :salute:

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