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ID: 0060708 31/Aug/2017 B-25J And PBJ series Bomb Drop Sequence Error

Affected Vehicles:






Possible Affected: Russian B25 - I do not own, I cannot test


Currently the bombs drop from the top instead of from the bottom of the bomb bay. Take into test flight and test out. It happens on all of them when dropping any bomb compination with stacked bombs. I do not see the need for a Clog for this because I would have to take every vehicle out with every bomb combination to drop them. Simply take it into test flight and choose a bomb combination with stacked bombs and you will see that the top bomb drops, passes through the lower bomb and then continues from left to right and down in that sequence. 

Here are some screenshots  of the B-25J-1 for refference: 

If somebody could confirm that this also happens with the Russian b25 that would be great. 


4x500 lb layout. notice the top left (left wing side) drops first and passes through the bottom bomb, then the top right wing bomb drops and then down, and so on



3x 1000lb loadout with same issues



1x 1000lb 10x 100lb loadout, notice the 1000lb bomb in the upper right corner drops first. It should drop lastDrop_003.thumb.png.a6ba6ee8d91a13bae081dDrop_002.thumb.png.44c5c16535a619ae3ec73


Here are some sources from the B25H (PBJ-H1) erection and maintenance manual that show the bomb drop sequence. It is from bottom to top, follow the number of the bomb mount from lowest number to highest number.



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   Thanks for the report.


I will read, investigate and get back to you shortly,




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         Thank you for your help improving the game.  


Your information has been forwarded to the developers and the tracking number is: ID: 0060708      


This thread will remain unlocked for one week (7 days) so that anyone with additional information\evidence\examples will have a place to post.  
After this time the report will remain active but will be archived.


It will also serve as a place where the developers will post questions for you to answer so please keep up to date here.


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