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As a Game Master I see a lot of complaints about spawn camping and spawncampers, whether it is in Ground Forces or Air.   Here's the deal.  There is no use filing complaints against players who spawn camp because, and let me emphasize this, Spawn camping is NOT, let me repeat..NOT against the rules!


Sure, spawn campers can cause a team a lot of headaches, etc. but if you don't like spawn campers, then don't allow them to get to your spawn points, simple as that.  


Now let's talk about something I've talked about before in here and that is Kill Stealing.  There is no such thing!!!!.  Do I need to emphasize this as well?  There is no such thing as kill stealing!!!  Once you're awarded a kill in game, it cannot be taken from you therefore, it cannot be stolen!  I know, I know.  I've heard it all before.."But i critted him" or "I set him on fire" etc etc etc...but you didn't finish the job, did you?  Until the game awards a kill, there isn't a kill, no matter how bad you damaged that player.  And once the kill is awarded, it cannot be taken from you.  So, there is no such thing as a kill steal.  


You players may argue this point but your arguments would be moot since spawn camping is not against the rules and there is no such thing as a kill steal.  If it is something that isn't against the rules, then why file a complaint against someone for doing so because nothing will happen because it is not illegal.  A lot of players who file complaints end up getting chat banned themselves for the language they use towards the players they feel "broke the rules".  


No matter what the situation, whether it is within or outside of the rules of the game, do not use hate, racist, xenophobic, foul or offensive language, including sexual innuendo, in any of the chats and if you do see someone breaking the rules for chat or any other rule for the game, do not hesitate to file a complaint against them.  But don't file unnecessary complaints against players just because they do something you don't like if it is within the rules of the game.  Doing that enough can get yourself chat banned or even banned from the game.


Please make sure you all read the Rules and familiarize yourselves with them.  It can avoid a lot of hassle and frustration in the future.



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For discussing spawn camping, users can visit the topic below.

Teamkilling discussion can also be found below, if players would like to discuss that as well.

Thank you FlyingLethrneck for the information! :salute:

TheElite96 (Posted )

Links fixed - 12/29/18
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