The Complete Guide to Winning (or Not Failing So Badly) In Tank Assault Arcade

1.79 has brought extensive changes to Assault Mode, and I will be updating this guide as more information comes in when I play

In Patch 1.67, Gaijin introduced the Assault PvE mode for Ground Forces. While rather unpolished, I find this mode to be a rather fun practice mode for me that happens to give some rewards a viable mode for grinding tanks if you can win consistently.

Think of this mode as an MMO raid: if you and everyone on the team doesn't understand what's going on and aren't using the right stuff, it can seem extremely difficult; once you get together with a few players and you understand how this mode works and use the right tactics and equipment (vehicles/ammo choices), it becomes quite easy, and even farmable:


Nevertheless, this mode can be rather frustrating to players who are not familiar with the mechanics of the mode. I have played quite a few battles in this mode and won a fair amount of times, so I would like to at least help you increase your odds of winning, and to explain the mechanics that Gaijin has, in their characteristic way, chosen to keep as opaque as possible.

As with this game in general, a little bit of teamwork can go a long way. Unfortunately, random being what it is, you should generally not expect too much from your team. Just do your best to minimise the amount of stuff the less capable ones have to deal with, and the wins will eventually start coming in.

Before I start explaining the mechanics, it's very important to accept that you're probably going to get killed by the bots at some point, possibly multiple times, in the most BS of ways at times. You have unlimited respawns, however (as I will explain later), and unless you die and respawn in an expensive tank a lot, you will easily make back the spawn cost if you win. Try not to get frustrated.

ALSO, this is War Thunder. Don't expect your teammates to do anything. Squad up with someone competent if you want to win more.


Lesson 1: Basic Mechanics

In Tank Assault mode, when enemy AI tanks enter the square area surrounding your base on the minimap, you will start losing points. The more AI tanks are in the square, the faster you lose points. Once your points reach zero, you lose the game, like in PvP. This means that you should strive to delay any waves of AI tanks for as long as possible from entering the square, and any AI tanks in the square should be Priority One for destruction.

In the meantime, several enemy attack aircraft will spawn, attacking player tanks with rockets and bombs (or guns for the Ju 87 G-1). It is not necessary (but highly recommended) to destroy the aircraft in order to win the mode.

There are five (5) maps in Tank Assault: Mozdok, Kursk, Sinai, Japan, Maginot Line, and Ardennes, where you will fight the Germans, Soviets, British, Japanese, French, and Americans, respectively. At 8.3+, there is also the Fulda map, where you will face combined NATO forces.

Combat mechanics are otherwise the same as in normal Tank Arcade battles, with two important exceptions:

1) Unlimited Respawns
You can respawn in any tank for approximately 40% of its Arcade Battles repair cost (20% for BR 8.0+ vehicles). There is no more timed lock on destroyed vehicles as of 30/9/2017, so bring as many as you like (or can afford to spawn).

2) Bomb Fuses
Unlike in PvP, bombs from both player-controlled and AI planes will detonate immediately upon impact.


3) Ammunition

Ammunition is automatically resupplied FREE OF CHARGE after every Assault battle, so you can spam as much of that 1,000+ SL HEAT-FS as you like.



The red counter with a star on the bottom of your screen tells you how many waves there are left.


You can refill ammunition in the white circle in your base, just like in PvP, but (A) that makes you a sitting duck for the AI tanks and planes since you must stand still, and (B) you refill ammunition so slowly with most tanks that it's easier to just respawn if you run out.


Winning Tank Assault gives you about 25,000 SL and 5,000 RP (with premium account) for the 2.7–3.7 bracket (which is, in my opinion, the easiest one to win), varying a little depending on your number of kills and your score/place on the team. This reward scales with the BR bracket, going up to about 8,000 RP and 50,000 SL for 6.7+ if you win. The first match of the day will also give you a 300% SL or RP booster if you win. The booster will be significantly worse if you lose.

Lesson 2: The Enemy
In each wave, three (3) groups of AI tanks will randomly spawn at predetermined spawn locations on the map. These groups will then make a beeline towards the square that you must defend, following a preset route and stopping at its edge. This means that it is quite possible to setup ambushes and flanking routes beforehand to destroy them relatively quickly. Of course, you only have five (5) seconds between waves to prepare, and the spawns are unknown until the wave actually starts, so you will have to act quickly.


It is very important to note that the number of AI tanks spawned per wave scales with the number of players. Do NOT be a troll and bring fail platoons into this mode. It makes the mode much harder than necessary.

The AI tanks may, of course, use their turrets and shoot at players while moving towards the square. Being AI, and due to the way accuracy and aiming mechanics work in War Thunder, they are far, far more accurate than any human player could ever hope to be in this game while firing on the move without a stabiliser. The AI will generally prioritise the closest threat to them, but you should absolutely not be surprised at getting killed by the AI moving at full speed from 1 km or more.

The AI does not intentionally target weakspots, but will sometimes get lucky and hit them at longer ranges. It will also not deliberately angle its armour towards players, so flanking is definitely a very viable option to deal with the AIs in heavy tanks.


The bots now do use the fire extinguisher, but no longer repair nearly instantaneously. Hitting the engine and tracks will delay them considerably, so tracking them is a good option to delay them if you cannot penetrate them frontally. The bots also do not use the crew replenishment consumable, so it is enough to knock out all but one of the crew to kill a tank.

The AI will use the tank's AA machine guns to target player aircraft, but not ground vehicles.

All AI vehicles are fully upgraded, not including add-on armour if available for that vehicle.


Lesson 3: The Maps


There are currently seven maps in Assault Mode. Here I will attempt to give you a summary of where the AI spawns and how it moves, as well as some places to go.


You can, of course, just camp in the base if you want, but you will only have yourself to blame when (not if) you get sniped by the AI.






Ardennes has a lot of options and cover, and is arguably one of the easiest maps.

  • Location 1 is hands-down my favourite spot on this map. It provides good hull-down cover and is close enough to base to flex where needed.
  • Location 2 is for countering the eastern B waves.
  • Locations 3 and 4 counter the A northern waves, but are more difficult to get to and flex from.
  • Location 5 is good against the western waves, but you can be caught in crossfire from the southeast.
  • Location 6 is only recommended if you have strong turret armour in order to take advantage of the the hull-down position.



My preferred spots:






Kursk is unique in that the AI only comes in a 180° arc, instead of from all directions. There is very little cover outside of the base, so most of the locations are just particularly good base camping locations.

  • Location 1 lets you go hull down and will counter A, B, and C.
  • Location 5 is mostly there if you want to flank the F wave.

The other locations are mostly just common defensive locations. Don't be afraid to charge out at the AI once they approach the base if you cannot penetrate them frontally.



My preferred spots:






Mozdok has a lot of good locations, but you can and should move about depending on where the waves spawn, as there is a lot of cover.

  • Location 1 can single-handedly shut down the North, countering A, B, and G.
  • Location 2 is the most versatile location. It will counter C and D, and allows you to shoot at Waves A, B, and G when they enter the square.
  • Locations 3, 4, and 5 are situational depending on where the AI spawns. They are very exposed in some directions and should only be used as needed. 5 in particular is useful for countering D, E, and F.
  • Location 6 is for countering E and F if you can't get a shot from the North and need to move quickly.
  • Location 7 is for getting better shots on A and/or G, but can be shot by AI spawning at B or C if you are not careful.



My preferred spots:






Sinai is easily the hardest map in Assault Mode. Pick whether you want to go North or South and hope that the people can take care of the other side. Flex if you have to. My preferred locations are 5, 6, and 7, since they can cover the most possible waves. You will want to spawn as soon as possible at the start of the match because you barely have enough time to get to those places in the 30 s before the first wave, and if you are caught in the open you will most likely be sniped by the bots.

If you prefer to play safer (like me), go to my other preferred place, 1. The only problem with that spot is that the rocks in the base can block your shots, and it can only take 2 or 3 people max.


2, 3, and 4 are very situational spots, and I don't recommend camping the whole game at those places as you can get killed very easily if the waves spawn at the wrong places.

Recently, the map has been changed to provide more rocks as cover in the base, so it is more viable to camp there. However, it is still possible to get caught in a crossfire depending on the spawns. The passage at 1 has also been closed off, so you cannot peek at the North-East-spawning bots from there any more.



My preferred spot (1):


Japan (a.k.a. Emperor's Garden)




Combat ranges in Japan tend to be on the longer end of the spectrum. This map is nowhere near as bad as Sinai, and the Japanese tanks are generally not very well armoured. The western waves (A) are quite easy to deal with, by having people at 1, 2, and 3. 2 and 3 can also effectively shut down the north-eastern waves (B). The south-eastern wave (C) cannot be adequately dealt with from any of those locations, although 3 can engage some of the tanks depending on how tall your tank and the enemy tanks are. 4 is the best place to deal with them, if you are not willing to subject yourself to the mercy of the sometimes blitheringly stupid and oblivious teammates you can get. You should also prioritise that wave for air strikes. The eastern flank is a lot more open, so there is no real location that can adequately handle all the waves on that side.



My preferred spots:


Maginot Line





  • 99% of the time, the A wave is the wave that will cause you to lose on this map. This wave is effectively countered from Location 1. This place also gives you cover and allows you to go hull down against all the other waves, but you need to be good at 1+ km shots in order to make the best use of this place against waves D, E, F, and G.
  • 2 and 3 are pretty hard to get to, but provide decent cover with buildings. They are really good for countering B and C.
  • 4 is the northern counterpart of 1. It is a very good ambush location and can cover all the waves EXCEPT A.
  • 5 is some sort of channel dug in between some mounds, and it provide excellent hard cover. It is reasonably close to the base for slow tanks. However, you must watch out for G as they can sometimes shoot you in the back.
  • 6 is the bunker within the cap circle. It is a good place to camp if you have an autoloader so you can refill your ammo. However, you will have to change your position around the bunker according to the waves.




(coming soon!)


Lesson 4: Battle Ratings and Waves
Assault mode is divided into several Battle Rating (BR) brackets depending on the highest BR of the vehicles in your line-up:



The AI tanks are NOT restricted by this, and some waves may contain vehicles with BRs higher than what the players can bring.

Ideally, if you intend to win this mode, you should bring a vehicle with a good to decent rate-of-fire, and a high one-shot one-kill capability. This automatically disadvantages the British with their solid shot, but you can still do well if you are very good at targeting components and weakspots.

Armour is helpful, but do not rely too much on it. Speed is also helpful for flexing, especially on Ardennes, but slow tanks can still perform decently well. High penetration is optional; you only need enough to get through flanks.

These are the vehicles you will encounter in the BR brackets. The asterisk (*) indicates a "heavy" tank which will spawn in the most difficult waves, i.e., every three (3) waves and the final wave. This means when the counter is at 9, 6, 3, and 1.


One ground attack/bomber aircraft will spawn per wave, except for at BR 6.7+, where two or three aircraft will spawn per wave instead.

1) 1.0–2.3



PzKpfw III Ausf. E
PzKpfw III Ausf. F
PzKpfw III Ausf. J1*
PzKpfw IV Ausf. E

Ju 87 G-1




Yak-2 KABB


M22 Locust
75 mm HMC M8

M3 Lee*





A13 Mk II
Crusader Mk II
Crusader Mk III
Valentine Mk II*


Beaufort Mk VIII




Chi-Ha Kai





Ki-45 tei


2) 2.7–3.7



PzKpfw III Ausf. J1
PzKpfw III Ausf. L
PzKpfw III Ausf. M
KpfPz Churchill (e)*

Bf 109 F-2


T-34 (1942)
KV-1 (L-11)*

Il-2M (1943)


M24 Chaffee
M4 Medium Tank
Ram II (M4A5)*





Cromwell Mk V
Cromwell Mk I

Sherman Mk II
Churchill Mk III*


Hudson Mk V




M24 Chaffee (JGSDF)


Chi-Nu II*



D4Y2 Suisei


3) 4.0–5.0



PzKpfw IV Ausf. F2
PzKpfw IV Ausf. G
PzKpfw IV Ausf. H
PzKpfw VI Ausf. H1 Tiger*

Fw 190 F-8



T-34 (1942)



M18 Hellcat





Sherman VC Firefly
Sherman II

Churchill Mk III

Churchill Mk VII*


Firebrand TF Mk I






Heavy Tank No. 6*

M4A3 (76) W HVSS (JGSDF)


J2M3 Raiden


4) 5.3–6.3




PzKpfw V Panther Ausf. D
PzKpfw VI Ausf. H1 Tiger
PzKpfw VI Ausf. B Tiger II (P)*


Fw 190 F-8




T-34-85 1944


IS-2 1944*




M41A1 Walker Bulldog
M4A3(76)W HVSS
M26 Pershing
T26E1-1 Super Pershing*








Centurion Mk I

Black Prince*


Sea Fury




M41 Walker Bulldog (JGSDF)


Heavy Tank No. 6*





5) 6.7–8.0

I do not recommend playing this bracket and above unless you are in a squad and know what you are doing if you want to win consistently.

Also important: TWO (2) AI aircraft will spawn per wave.




Ru 251
M48A2 G A2
Leopard 1
PzKpfw VI Ausf. B Tiger II*


Me 262 A-1a


Object 120

T-54 1947

Su-6 M-71



M47 Patton





Centurion Mk 3


Chieftain Mk 3*

Conqueror Mk 2


Attacker FB Mk. 1





Type 61

Type 74*



F-86F-30 (JASDF)



6) 8.3 and above


IMPORTANT: THREE (3) aircraft will spawn per wave. SPAA highly recommended. "Heavy" tanks also spawn more often.





Leopard 1A1A1

KPz 70

Leopard 2A4

Leopard 2A5*


MiG-15bis (DDR)














M1 IP Abrams

M1A1 Abrams*

M60A1 RISE (Passive)






Chieftain Mk. 5

Challenger 1 Mk. 3

Challenger 2*

Chieftain Mk. 10


Venom FB Mk. 4




Type 61

Type 74*



F-86F-30 (JASDF)





Challenger 1 Mk. 3

Leopard 2A5*

M1A1 Abrams




A combination of F-84s with Tiny Tims and very tough MBTs for maximum cancer. The most annoying map in this BR by far.


Lesson 5: What NOT to do

These are miscellaneous things that you should avoid doing to prevent yourself from being a nuisance or a hindrance to the team.


1) Smoke Grenades & Smoke Shells

DO NOT shoot smoke shells at or use smoke grenades around bots inside the square. It prevents other people from killing them and can also cause people with not-so-good systems (like me) to lag. If you have to use the smoke grenade to cover yourself, try to back out of other people's lines of fire first. If you can't, don't use the grenades. You have unlimited respawns!


2) Fighters and Attackers

Just because that button with the plane on it lights up doesn't mean that you have to use it right away! AI aircraft are generally not as dangerous as the AI tanks, but if you don't have an SPAA on your team and the aircraft are starting to become a nuisance, DO NOT spawn in a fighter during a "heavy" wave (marked with a * in the previous section). You are just wasting the team's time, especially for someone else who may have the points to spawn in a heavy bomber. Wait for an easier wave.

Attack aircraft are also generally less useful than heavy bombers (rockets and guns are much harder to kill tanks with than bombs). It is better to save the points instead.

Vehicles I Have Used

The following is a list of vehicles that I have used so far in Tank Assault, with varying degrees of success.





PzKpfw IV Ausf. C/E/F1 (1.3/2.0/2.3)
Hands down the best tank to use in the bracket. Good gun depression, fantastic gun with lethal APHE and 80/100-mm-penetration HEAT along with a fast rate-of-fire, decently mobile. Armour is not very good, but smart use of terrain will easily compensate for it.

T-28 (2.3)
Second only to the PzKpfw IV, the T-28 is faster and has a large crew, making it less likely to get one-shot by AI tanks. It also has an absolutely lethal 76 mm with APHE or shrapnel rounds if the target is vulnerable to it. However, it lacks gun depression and is pretty hard to hide behind cover due to its size.

StuG III Ausf. A (2.3)
For all intents and purposes a turretless Panzer IV. Lower profile allows it to hide better, but gun depression is worse and the limited traverse can be bothersome. It is a bit faster than the Panzer IVs.


SAu 40 (2.0)
Good gun, but a rather large target and a bit slow. Has a decently punchy APHE round.


AB.43 (2.3)
Faster M15/42, trading armour and a slightly slower rate-of-fire for speed.


M15/42 (2.3)
Good gun and okay armour, but a little slow.


Semovente da 75/18 su Scafo M.41 (2.3)

APHE lacks penetration, and very slow shells make sniping difficult. 100 penetration HEAT easily deals with most tanks if it hits.


Type 1 Chi-He (2.3)
Chi-Ha Kai with thicker armour. Can take a few hits, and has an excellent gun, but its mobility is only okay.


Type 3 Ho-Ni I (2.0)

Excellent gun on a bleh platform. Once it sets up, it will mow down bots like grass, but is itself very vulnerable. Good gun depression for peeking over hills.


Type 2 Ho-I (2.0)
The Ho-I has decent armour, a good APHE round with low penetration, and a high penetration HEAT round with reduced lethality. You will have to make the choice between high penetration or high lethality.


75 mm HMC M8 (2.0)

Similar to the StuG III Ausf. A, but lacks APHE. Has a (very slow) turret and is quite fast, but the poor ballistics make it an awful sniper. Best used as a flanker.

Type 97 Chi-Ha Kai (2.0)
Fantastic gun with lethal APHE and excellent gun depression, but the tank itself is fragile and the turret traverse speed is very bad. Mobility is okay. The Chi-He has 50 mm of frontal armour, so is reasonably durable for this BR.

Type 4 Ho-Ro (1.7)
The HE shell will obliterate anything that it hits, and it can arc its shells over terrain. It is very fragile and has very restricted gun traverse angles, however.

BT-5/7 (1.3/1.7)
The BTs are fast with very good guns using APHE. However, they are very fragile. The BT-5 in particular has good gun depression, and has no spawn cost since it is a reserve.

PzKpfw III Ausf. B/E/F (Reserve/2.0/2.3)
The Panzer IIIs are decent vehicles in this mode, but are handicapped by the abysmal manual turret. The 5 cm KwK 38 on the Ausf. F is particularly good.

PzKpfw 35(t)/38(t) Ausf. A/F (Reserve/1.3/2.0)
Good alternatives to the Panzer III. The Panzer 38(t) Ausf. F has relatively heavy frontal armour as well.


M13/40 (Reserve)
Gun is decent, but lacks armour and mobility.

PzKpfw II Ausf. C/F (1.0)
Fast and hilarious to run circles around the AI, with significant firepower using PzGr 40 ammunition.

75 mm GMC M3 (2.0)
Fantastic mobility with a powerful punch, crippled by its fragility, slow gun traverse, and the absurdly bad reload speed. Can reverse at 20 km/h for peeking at bots.


Panzerjaeger I (1.7)
Decent, with a pretty good gun. Not much special about it.

72-K GAZ MM/Flakpanzer I/Gepard/Type 94/Ta-Se (2.3/1.3/2.0/1.3/1.7)
Excellent SP AA vehicles with enough penetration to destroy AI tanks. The German ones get access to ridiculous APCR rounds.

Crusader Mk II (2.0)
The Crusader II has decent armour (for its speed) and good gun depression. Unfortunately, solid shot is a big handicap, especially with the lightweight 2-pdr, but it is still quite workable in this bracket.

A13/A13 Mk II (Reserve/1.3)
These perform similarly to the Crusader II, but are a bit more fragile and less mobile.

M3/M3A1 Stuart (1.3)
Very fast and decently armoured, but the solid shot 37 mm AP has disappointing lethality.


SOMUA S 35 (2.0)

The armour is quite good when angled, but it is rather slow and only has solid shot AP ammunition. Good on Kursk.

M2 Medium (1.3)
Slower M3 Stuart with a worse gun, but still acceptable.

Type 95 Ha-Go (Reserve)
Low penetration hurts it quite a bit, but if it penetrates it will do a lot of damage. Decently fast for flanking, with good gun depression. Best used on Kursk.


Ke-Ni/Ka-Mi (1.3)

The mobility of these light tanks is disappointing, and their penetration is on the low side. They are further crippled by poor turret traverse speeds, although this is less of a factor in PvE than in PvP.


Renault ZT 3 (1.0)

This is the fastest French tank until the postwar era. It can flank and the gun has okay-ish penetration, but the damage is underwhelming due to the small calibre of the gun. Also has very poor gun traverse arcs.


AMC 34 (Reserve)

Okay mobility, gun penetration is rather low but when it penetrates it will deal a lot of damage since it uses APHE. The turret has decent armour, but the hull is weak.


H 39/R 39 (1.3)

Their relatively thick armour is good on Kursk, but the guns are rather weak, and they are too slow to be viable for flanking on Ardennes or Sinai, especially against the Valentines.

T17E2/M13 MGMC/M16 MGMC (1.7/1.3/2.3)
A decent AA vehicles, but lack the penetration to harm most of the AI waves except at very close ranges.

DShK GAZ AA (1.0)
Can harm some vehicles, but the gun can only fire over the front or sides of the vehicle, as the gunner is blocked from shooting to the rear by the ammo boxes; a serious disadvantage for any AA vehicle.

4M GAZ AA (1.0)
If you want to shoot down planes and only planes. It's more viable here than in PvP at least. May have some difficulty shooting down Il-2s on Kursk.

FCM 36/H 35/Type 89 I-Go Ko/Type 97 Chi-Ha (1.0/Reserve/Reserve/1.3)
Don't even think about it.





PzKpfw IV Ausf. F2 (3.7)
The God of this mode, with easily the best gun available on a very acceptable platform combined with good gun depression. It can obliterate AI heavy tanks at long range with its high penetration, very lethal PzGr 39 APHE.

T-34 1941/1942 (3.7)
The T-34s do not have as much penetration as the Panzer IV Ausf. F2, but compensate for this with better mobility and sloped armour. The F-34 has enough penetration to pierce heavy tank flanks at medium ranges, and the BR-350B APHE round is without par in lethality.


3-inch GMC M10 (3.7)

A highly lethal tank destroyer with a (very slow) turret. Has access to APHE and a .50 cal machine gun to shoot at planes, decent mobility, and sloped armour that can ricochet shells from time to time. The French version is identical and performs just as excellently.


29-K (3.7)

One of the best guns available with a wide traverse arc. The platform itself is completely unarmoured, making it very vulnerable to planes, but ironically very durable against AI tanks thanks to a large crew.

StuG III Ausf. F (3.7)
This tank is to the Panzer IV Ausf. F2 what the StuG III Ausf. A is to the Panzer IV Ausf. F1. Overall, not bad at all, but inferior to the Panzer IV.


Marder III/III Ausf. H (2.7/3.0)
Packing some of the most powerful guns in this range, but extremely fragile. Watch out for planes too.


M24 Chaffee (3.3)

A faster, lighter M4A1, with excellent reverse speed.


M4A1 Medium Tank/Sherman II (3.3/3.7)
The M4A1 excels at hull-down, where it is fairly well-protected. It is very vulnerable if caught in the open, and pivots badly. It has a good M61 APHE round and a .50 cal for shooting down the AI attack aircraft. The Sherman II is the only British tank with APHE; it is identical to the American M4A1 except for access to a (useless) APCR round. The French version is identical to the American M4A1.

Archer (3.3)
Despite using solid shot, the Archer's 17-pdr is the single most powerful gun available in this bracket in terms of penetration. It can easily snipe the heaviest AI tanks with impunity, though its unusual layout may not be to everyone's tastes.


AMX 13 FL11 (3.3)

The AMX effectively has the same gun as the M4A1, but with a significantly slower reload and poor gun depression in exchange for a much more agile platform. It is one of the few French tanks with APHE.


Semovente da 105/25 (3.3)

Roughly equal to the StuH 42, but has a slightly better HEAT shell and better armour and gun depression.

StuH 42 Ausf. G (3.7)
Fairly well-armoured on the front, the howitzer has a great APHE round which will one-shot most tanks with a flank shot. HEAT is available for higher penetration, but the APHE is more lethal.

KV-1 L-11 (3.7)
A good meatshield, although the L-11 gun is terrible and will struggle against AI heavy tanks. If it penetrates, it will do a lot of damage, however. Particularly recommended for Kursk, as very few of the waves can harm it if angled properly.


SdKfz 234/2 (2.7)

Glass cannon version of the PzKpfw III Ausf. J1, arguably better. Fast reverse speed is a nice asset.


PzKpfw III Ausf. J1 (3.3)

Acceptable firepower with the 5 cm L/60, good mobility. Awful turret traverse, though. Thin armour, vulnerable to most AI guns.

SU-76M (2.7)
Good mobility with the gun of the T-34 1942, but fragile and has poor gun depression. Works best as an ambush vehicle.


Cromwell Mk I (3.3)
Fast, nimble, with good gun depression and good penetration, but handicapped by solid shot and abysmal reverse speed. It is still quite effective despite this, however.

Cromwell Mk V (3.0)
Worse gun than the Mk I and slower to boot, but still very decent.

3-inch Churchill Gun Carrier (3.0)
Formidable armour on the front and sides, with an acceptable gun. Gun depression is good, though the gun is mounted low in the tank. It is slow, but can neutral steer for fast turning. Handicapped by narrow gun traverse arc and solid shot, but is a good meatshield, especially on Kursk.


Semovente da 90/53 (3.7)

A very powerful gun on a very poor platform. You will need to respawn a lot due to the very small ammunition capacity (8).


CCKW 353 (3.0)

The Bofors 40 mm gun on this truck is fairly effective against most tanks at this BR, but will struggle against Churchills and KVs. It is a decent weapon for de-tracking tanks as well.

Valentine Mk IX/XI (3.3/3.0)
Decently armoured, particularly when angled, though is vulnerable to getting one-shotted due to its small size. Guns are decent, though handicapped by solid shot. Excellent gun depression and slow speed make it a more defensive tank.


P.40 (3.0)

Poor gun, forced to rely on HEAT to penetrate heavier vehicles. Good rate-of-fire, and the APHE is effective if it can penetrate.


PzKpfw III Ausf. J (2.7)

The short 5 cm gun will struggle against heavy tanks, and needs APCR to go through a KV-1, but not too bad otherwise. Mobility helps for flanking, and you will need it.

M3 Lee (2.7)
The 75 mm gun will struggle against KV-1s, but is otherwise quite capable of destroying AI tanks with flank shots. The 37 mm has enough penetration to damage the KV-1 at close ranges, but fires solid shot with minimal fragmentation.

Crusader Mk III (2.7)
Decently fast, with high penetration on the 6-pdr. It lacks gun depression, uses solid shot, and is rather fragile, however.


Semovente da 75/32 or 75/34 (3.0)

Effectively the same gun as the P.40, but worse than the P.40 in every way possible.

SU-122 (3.3)
Restricted to only using HEAT, which has iffy lethality. Slow reload and poor gun depression and ballistics mean it is best used in close-range ambushes.

Valentine Mk I/Matilda Mk II (2.7/3.0)
Just no.





8,8 cm FlaK 37 Sfl. (4.3)
A very lethal SPAA gun that will have no problems destroying any of the AI tanks from the front except for the Churchill Mk VII. It is slow, and its layout is rather awkward, however.


M4A4 SA50 (4.7)

The SA50 performs on par with the 17-pdr on the Firefly, and the M4A4 SA50 retains the excellent gun depression that the Firefly sacrifices.


Sherman VC Firefly/M4 Tipo IC (4.7)

Despite using solid shot, the Firefly's 17-pdr gun is very lethal in its tier, and it is capable of frontally penetrating anything it will encounter. It has poor gun depression and is not terribly fast, especially on bad terrain like the sand in Sinai, but will perform very well in a good sniping location. The recent buff to solid shot has only made it better than ever.


M18 Hellcat (4.7)
Outstanding mobility combined with a powerful, fast-firing gun and a fast turret make for a very flexible vehicle. It is, however, extremely vulnerable to planes.


ASU-57 (5.0)


Extremely vulnerable to planes, but the stock solid shot APBC will cut through pretty much anything at this BR, and is surprisingly lethal.


M6A1 (4.7)

Okay armour, excellent gun, and good mobility for a heavy. The secondary 37 mm is not that useful at this BR, though it can be used to track or kill lighter enemies.


M4A1/M4A2 (76) W (5.0)

Not very well armoured, but the gun is very good against everything except Churchill VIIs. Gun depression allows you to abuse ridges extremely well vs. the AI.


PzKpfw IV Ausf. H (4.3)

Take the 3.7 PzKpfw IV Ausf. F2, slap on 30 mm of extra hull armour and a slightly better gun, and you have the Ausf. H. Turret is weak, though the skirts can absorb some shrapnel from aircraft rockets. The gun is still competitive here, but is not powerful enough for Churchill VIIs on Sinai.


Jagdpanzer 38 (4.7)

Better armoured StuG III, although the vehicle is noticeably more sluggish.


StuG III Ausf. G (4.3)

Take the 3.7 StuG III Ausf. F, slap on 30 mm of extra armour and a slightly better gun, and you have the Ausf. G. The armour is nothing to write home about in this bracket, although it can bounce when angled. The gun is still competitive here, but is not powerful enough for Churchill VIIs on Sinai.


Chi-To (4.3)

Mediocre mobility, poor armour, the gun is decent but suffers from using uncapped AP, and is thus bad against sloped armour. It will also struggle to kill Churchill VIIs from the front.


AMX 13 DCA 40 (4.7)

The AMX 13 DCA 40 is very lethal if it can set up in a good flanking position. It is highly effective against aircraft as well thanks to the doubled rate of fire on the Bofors.

T-34-57 (4.0)
Sufficient penetration to deal with most tanks while having a good rate-of-fire. It is rather fragile in this bracket, and the lethality of the APHE is less than desirable.

KV-1 ZiS-5 (4.3)
Somewhat slow, but relatively heavily armoured, and the gun is lethal if it penetrates. The penetration itself is lacking against the vehicles it will face here, so it works best in locations where it can shoot into AI flanks.


ZSU-37 (4.7)

Once you get the APCR belt, it is quite capable of dealing with enemy tanks at close ranges. It performs decently in the AA role, and the platform is better than the ZiS-43.


Churchill Mk III (4.0)
Very slow, especially bad on Sinai. Quite durable when angled (albeit with significant weakspots in the armour), and has very good penetration and decent lethality, despite using solid shot.


SU-152 (5.0)

Reloads too slowly to really be viable in this mode, but can be usable in a squad backed up by a cleaner tank with a high rate-of-fire.

ZiS-43 (4.0)
Nice SP AA gun with decent armour penetration and high probability of killing AI planes if it hits. The AP round is solid shot with no filler, so lethality is less than desired. It also does not have enough penetration to deal with Tigers and KVs.






T-44 (6.3)
One of the best tanks to bring in this bracket. Powerful 85 mm gun, superb mobility, and decent armour for a well-balanced vehicle capable of handling anything.


Tiger II (P) (6.3)
Outstanding gun, decent armour (shame about the turret face), and okay mobility make for a formidable weapon in Assault. One of the heavy hitters in this bracket.

T-34-85E (5.7)
An absolute monster in a good flanking position. High rate-of-fire and murderous APHE allows it to single-handedly obliterate entire groups of AI tanks if it catches them in the flanks. It is rather fragile, though.


Panther Ausf. D/A/G (5.7/5.7/6.0)

Combination of decent frontal armour, good gun, and good mobility for its weight make any of the Panthers a top contender in this BR.


PzKpfw VI Tiger Ausf. H1 (5.3)

An excellent choice, the Tiger has a very lethal and fast-firing gun, with enough penetration to deal with all but the most heavily armoured vehicles. With proper angling, it is also quite resilient to fire.


Nashorn (5.7)

Very few tanks can resist the Nashorn's gun frontally, and it has an insane rate-of-fire for its gun. Very vulnerable to air strikes, however.


Cruiser Tank Challenger (5.7)

With the solid shot buff, the Challenger is quite a good vehicle in this mode thanks to its blistering rate-of-fire (~5 s), high mobility, and one of the best guns of its calibre range. With APDS it can cut through the heaviest armour it might encounter, although the APCBC has better post-penetration effects and fragmentation. I only really recommend using APDS on Sinai due to the Black Princes. The only real downsides are that abysmal Cromwell chassis reverse speed and relatively low ammunition capacity.


T25/M26 Pershing (6.0/6.3)

Decent mobility and a lethal 90 mm gun make the T25 a very decent choice. The reload is a little bit on the slow side, but quite manageable. Armour is not very good, so do not rely on it. The Pershing has significantly better armour at the cost of mobility and lacks a stabilizer. It is otherwise more or less the same, and performs about as well.


ARL 44 (5.7)

Excellent frontal armour with a powerful, high penetration 90 mm gun, but very thin side and top armour make it very vulnerable to aircraft.


IS-1 (5.3)

Slower, fatter T-34-85 with better armour. Still acceptable thanks to the 85 mm gun.


Sturer Emil (5.7)

The most powerful gun in this bracket, mounted on a slow, fragile platform. It also has a rather long reload, but anything it penetrates is guaranteed to be a one-shot kill.


Waffentrager (5.7)

Powerful gun on a very slow, vulnerable platform. Only good for camping certain locations, it cannot flex due to the low speed.


AMX M4 (6.0)

Decent frontal armour, same gun as the ARL 44 but coupled with an autoloader. Dependent on cap circle and/or ammo pick ups to perform well, but can be useful in killing multiple AI tanks quickly

T-44-122 (6.3)
Great mobility with a gun that will almost certainly one-shot anything it hits. It is hampered by the awful reload speed, so you will have to pick your targets carefully.


IS-2 (5.7)

Not really competitive due to the slow reload, but at least will reliably OHKO if it penetrates.


PT-76B (5.3)

Do not use unless you like dying. A lot.





ZSU-57-2 (7.7)

This is easily the best vehicle to use if you need to kill a whole group of enemy tanks quickly, and it is one of my favourite vehicles to use in this mode. It is also acceptable at shooting down planes, although the low rate-of-fire hurts. Unlike the ZSU-23-4, it has a pretty reasonable spawn cost, which is a good thing because it only has 15 mm max of armour, so you can expect to die a few times.


T-54 obr. 1951 g. (7.7)
Trades armour of the 1947 model for better ammunition and rate-of-fire. Has HEAT-FS for particularly difficult targets.


M48 Patton (7.7)
Good gun depression, decent APHE shell, with HEAT-FS as backup against heavy tanks, and decent mobility are a powerful combination.


Vickers MBT Mk. 1/Centurion Mk. 10 (7.0)

The Vickers has a much higher rate-of-fire and better mobility, while the Centurion has better armour. Both perform relatively similarly with the 105 mm L7. APDS is recommended over HESH.


AMX 30 (7.7)
Highly mobile with a powerful HEAT shell and fast rate-of-fire, the AMX 30 is quite capable in this mode.


T-54 obr. 1947 g. (7.7)
A better T-44-100 in every way except for slightly worse mobility. Has just enough gun depression to work on most spots.


FV4202 (6.7)

Slower Centurion Mk. 3 with much better turret armour.


Caernarvon (6.7)

Fatter, slower Centurion with stronger hull armour.


Strv 81 (6.7)

The 20-pdr is quite effective, even with the regular APCBC. It has enough penetration and a really nice reload. I prefer the Strv 81 to the FV4202 due to the better mobility and reverse speed. The SS.11 missiles are a novelty, but they are a useful supplement to the 20-pdr. The ready rack mechanic has been an overall nerf to it, but it is still not a bad tank.


Falcon (7.7)

The Falcon needs the Rank IV APDS belt to be truly competitive, but it is very lethal in a good flanking position, especially on Japan. It's biggest weakness is the relatively low ammunition capacity and very long reload.

AMX 13 SS.11 (6.7)
Mobile with a decent gun, backed up by four powerful SS.11 missiles. Hampered by autoloader reload time and over-bouncy suspension.


T-44-100 (7.0)
Not as fragile as the T-34-100, with a faster rate-of-fire. This is a decent vehicle for this bracket, although the 100 mm gun's reload speed is relatively slow compared to alternatives. It will usually kill whatever it penetrates, however. It lacks gun depression and will struggle on hilly terrain.


AMX 50 (7.0)
The gun is good and the autoloader's fast reload make it ideal for quickly killing tanks that get into the base. However, the small autoloader magazine dramatically limits its flexibility.

T29 (6.7)
Armour is good, but the reload is a bit too slow for my tastes. Gun is also a bit lacking in penetration with APHE.

T-34-100 (6.7)
Fast with a powerful gun, excels at flanking. Very vulnerable without cover and lacks gun depression for hull down positions; best in Ardennes where there are a lot of buildings to cover it. Rate-of-fire is also somewhat on the low side.

IS-6 (7.3)
Exceptionally tough armour, but the AI will occasionally hit the turret ring weakspot. The gun is lethal, but lacking in penetration and reloads relatively slowly. It is mobile enough to be a flanker, but can tank hits if needed. Also has an AA machine gun to retaliate against AI planes.


Conqueror (7.7)
A pathetic piece of trash that is only good for absorbing hits. Poor mobility and a 120 mm gun with a 15 s reload forced to rely on APDS that cannot reliably one-shot vehicles. Highly not recommended.


ZSU-23-4 (8.0)
Has radar, and shoots down planes pretty well. That's about it. It can track stuff, but it will not penetrate anything but the lightest armour. Expensive to respawn, and the ZSU-57-2 is way cheaper and more versatile.






T-64B (9.7)

Better T-64A in every respect.


T-64A (9.0)

Blessed with a 7.1 s reload thanks to the autoloader while at the same time having an effective APFSDS round, the T-64A a pretty good option, although it is outclassed by the new top tier MBTs.


T-62 (8.3)

Slow reload, but still acceptable. Generally lacks the armour, rate-of-fire, and penetration to be truly competitive.


IS-7 (8.3)

Completely unviable after Gaijin's signature Double Nerf Combo(tm) of BR increase and huge repair cost.


Overall, it's not that hard to win, especially at the lower BRs with the right tanks. Just gotta play a little smarter...




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I also have had decent luck with the M4's with the 76mm.  5.0 BR and they can OHKO the bots reliably.  Most of the times I've won have been with them. 


I might try it with just one PzIV F2 and see how that works.


But thanks for the tips. 

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Thank you for this. I got my first and only win at BR2.3 by limiting myself to PzKpfw IV Ausf. C/F1 and StuG III Ausf. A. I tried heading to some of the positions you've marked on the maps but with everyone else camping the base I wonder whether I'm helping or not by doing so.

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You're definitely helping because you should always strive to eliminate enemy tanks as early as possible, not wait for them to enter the base or come within range. If everyone does that, it's almost a surefire way to lose. Let them camp the base and be your meatshield, because at least they're contributing that way,

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Very good guide; an impressive level of information.


Regarding the Japanese, I would not expect a map versing them any time soon - aside from the lend lease Tiger (Heavy No6), nothing they possess would pose any real challenge in killing.


Also: if you're playing on PC, I would highly recommend installing _Gilard_'s user-made test range


This has proven invaluable in determining what tanks, shells and ranges work against certain vehicles you're going to face. 

You may also use it for science... 





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I don't have many PvE battles, but these are my observations.




Anything with the 122mm gun is not really suitable. Reload is too slow. Gun depression also a problem.

T-34-76 and T-34-85 are both excellent but fragile to losing all turret crew in one hit.




Jagdtiger is great, but only when you cover the flanks. Best played when squadded with at least 2 mediums and a high level crew.


Leopard is EXCELLENT. Just charge. Start by driving away from where the AI tanks are pointing, that means that even with Arcade physics most tanks can't rotate their turrets fast enough to catch you once you achieve top speed. Wrecking enemy transmissions makes it a lot easier for your team mates to kill them. Max crew + free Ace qualification = sub 7.0 second reload time. 


Tiger II H also excellent. Flanks vulnerable, keep covered.











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Great compilation and advice!


One correction, I think under point 4) it should read 5.3 - 6.3.


Anyways, I've been playing assault a lot lately to grind worthless tanks like ST-A1 and such. One rather extreme tactic was to take only the FV 4005 into battle. I left the vehicle after every shot to avoid reload time (it is still a long wait after each death). Got 40 kills and 48 deaths ^^ Wouldn't recommend this though, as I spend more than 100000 SL for respawns.

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Another thing I'll recommend is to maybe avoid playing on weekends. The level of ineptitude during this period is simply staggering. One has to wonder how some of these people even managed to attain a tier 5 vehicle.

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18 hours ago, Quacki said:

Great compilation and advice!


One correction, I think under point 4) it should read 5.3 - 6.3.


Anyways, I've been playing assault a lot lately to grind worthless tanks like ST-A1 and such. One rather extreme tactic was to take only the FV 4005 into battle. I left the vehicle after every shot to avoid reload time (it is still a long wait after each death). Got 40 kills and 48 deaths ^^ Wouldn't recommend this though, as I spend more than 100000 SL for respawns.

Thank you, I have corrected the mistake.

It's a good mode for grinding modules, honestly, especially if SL cost is not an issue. You get to respawn and try again and again after dying, instead of getting one-shot in Arcade and having to go back to garage, pay the repair bill or wait to play again.

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"The God of this mode, with easily the best gun available on a very acceptable platform combined with good gun depression. It can obliterate AI heavy tanks at long range with its high penetration, very lethal PzGr 39 APHE."


I can confirm that.



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Considering they now allow 8-man squads for use in squadron battles, I only hope they allow creation of said squads for use in Assault Mode.


Is it wrong to want to make a full team of trusted people to play this mode and actually do well in it? No randumbs ruining it by sitting on base and not covering a flank?

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16 hours ago, TheKingHomer said:

I am using mostly the KT P on 6.3. No uptier but yet the long 88 kills everything easily.

The tiers in PvE are fixed. The KT P is in the 5.3 - 6.3 bracket, so unless you bring another higher ranked vehicle, you will get the same opponents every time.


6 hours ago, MH4UAstragon said:

Are there any squadrons that play Assault regularly in 4-man squads?

4 mans are pretty rare to see, especially given this modes relative unpopularity, but myself and SuperComrade usually play together when we're on at the same time, (when time zones aren't making it a pain :rolleyes:). If you're fine with relative irregularity and the odd break here and there - feel free to add me (won't speak for Super on adding - best to ask him directly). 


In any case, good luck!

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This has helped me carry teams to victory on Sinai using all-stock tanks through repeated waves of Churchells, I feel more confident in my tanking abilities now, thank you.


Just wish the maploads carried some simple tips for players, such as:

- You do not need to stay within the tiny circle that is marked on the ground

- You do not need to stay within the blue box

- It is ok to take damage and even die. it's a game

- When the cursor is green it indicates the best place to shoot, aim at different spots and angles to find it, and if it doesn't turn green even when in close range then simply fire when yellow

- If an enemy enters the blue box tickets start to go down, they will often park just inside the box, so you have move a little to shoot them


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On 10.9.2017 at 4:48 AM, XarKavier said:

The tiers in PvE are fixed. The KT P is in the 5.3 - 6.3 bracket, so unless you bring another higher ranked vehicle, you will get the same opponents every time.

I am aware of that. I merely wanted to point out the KT P is an excellent tank for PvE since it is the top of 6.3 and can OHK most opponents with ease.


However maybe someone can explain the XP differences in this mode?

In the attached image I was playing on Kursk in a 6.7+ match. My game was sure only mediocre but nonetheless, the first place makes no sense. While the numbers do not differ much from the rest of us, 4798 compared to 2603 on the second place?

2017-09-19 11_13_21-War Thunder.png

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12 hours ago, TheKingHomer said:

I am aware of that. I merely wanted to point out the KT P is an excellent tank for PvE since it is the top of 6.3 and can OHK most opponents with ease.


However maybe someone can explain the XP differences in this mode?

In the attached image I was playing on Kursk in a 6.7+ match. My game was sure only mediocre but nonetheless, the first place makes no sense. While the numbers do not differ much from the rest of us, 4798 compared to 2603 on the second place?


The points system is a bit of a mystery, but from what I've noticed you get substantially more points for destroying ground vehicles in planes and I believe more the closer you are to the targets. Seeing as everyone gets the same rewards regardless of performance, I all but ignore the scoreboard, save for seeing who's in what and how many have quit.

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As a new player i would like to thank you very much for this more than useful guide! It was this guide that brought my attention to the mode and the tipps given here helped me to not suck very much. Now if only everyone who plays this mode would give reading this a try, the level of stupidness that could be observed in this more than simple mode is overwhelming.

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Thanks for the guide! When I first played this mode in Ground Forces, I "naturally" searched for flanking positions far away from the camp. But since this led the bots to fire at me first (the M24 I used back then could not bounce any shot at all) and I saw no one else doing it, I gave up on the idea and camped in base along with the rest of the team. Good to know that leaving the base actually does work. I will try your proposed positions in the next matches.


Even with the whole team basecamping it is easy to win BR 6.7+ games, when most players bring 8.x tanks. If they bring 6.7 and 7.0 ones, there is not the slightest chance of winning, though.


If anyone is interested to squad for BR 6.7+ Assault matches, feel free to add me to your contact list.

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