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chimportant IMPORTANT! Please remember Community Helpers on this list who have no other role on the team are NOT War Thunder Moderators! Community Helpers can help you with game advice and general help, but cannot help you with issues such as game moderation issues, technical issues or forum moderation issues. For these types of issues you need to contact a staff member from HERE. Thanks!


From the Community Helpers.

"We, the Community Helpers, felt we needed to explain to the community what you can expect from us.


Community helpers did not volunteer, we were invited to participate in recognition of our helping input and guidance to the community.


We help the community, globally and individually, each of us vary in our skills and background pertaining to community issues, we may be critiqued, and be critical of. Some of our actions may be inherently noticeable such as being generally humorous and helpful, especially to New Recruits. Others such as Bug Reports, Personal Messages, Graphic design and various other Community threads, may not be so noticeable by a majority of you.


We are not, and do not claim to be paid in any way shape or form. We have no real advantages, receive no special treatment, we maintain the ability to moderate within the allocation of New Recruits section, Academy section and Fan Zone section, sparingly, but justified under normal rules that still apply, We are more than willing to help if asked, and more than likely inclined to assist even when not asked, however we are not inherently obliged to change our actions from those previous to us obtaining the title.


All rules, and Terms of Service apply to Community Helpers as it would to any other member of the Warthunder Forums. If you have been attacked, trolled, or feel that the ToS has been broken, the same reporting procedure applies, and will be dealt with by those who do hold authority if those who wear the blue tag are found to be caught in an act that might bring the company into dispute.


The tags were gained by being highly active on the forums, with a track record of being usually more productive and constructive, and can be lost just as easily as they were gained. "

Please take note of the languages our Community Helpers can communicate in, along with any additional positions they may hold. Both are in corresponding columns, "Position" and "Language(s)."


Name Position Language(s)
VoidGamer Community Helper English, Estonian
Shuri_96 Community Helper English
JackRob Community Helper English
michiyl Community Helper German, English
Old_Ironsides Community Helper English
Culusion Community Helper English
DarthPootis Community Helper English, Dutch
the_suztown Community Helper English
TheCheshireCat Community Helper English, Swedish
GhostSoph[email protected] Community Helper Portuguese, English
crimfobic Game Master; Community Helper English
tbhoop Game Master; Community Helper English
HudsonM1A2 Game Master; Community Helper English, Portuguese
falco416 Forum Moderator; Community Helper Italian, English
TheElite96 Senior Forum Moderator; Community Helper English
magazine2 Senior Forum Moderator; Community Helper English
Poussin_Pouipoui Senior Forum Moderator; Community Helper French, English
AttackerCat Steam Moderator; Community Helper English
ErickaUnlimited Steam Moderator; Community Helper English
BlitzkriegWulf Senior Steam Moderator; Community Helper English
Illusionyary Live.WT Moderator; Community Helper English
Princess_Pinch Suggestion Moderator; Community Helper German, English
CokeSpray Senior Suggestion Moderator; Community Helper English

TheElite96 (Posted )

Updated November 13 2020
Formatting update! The list has been redone with a new style / format, as well as a new order for the list.
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