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Some German bombers were fitted with backward firing flamethrowers intended not so much to burn enemy fighter pilots to death, but to blind them with black oily smoke.  They did not produce much flame at altitude as it was too cold and the air too thin for the oil to burn well, but the unburnt oil did foul some windscreens of attacking enemy fighters.  Backwards firing flamethrowers were fitted to some Do 17s, Ju 88s and He 111s.


In one famous combat during the Battle of Britain, Stephan Schmidt, radio operator on a Do 17 F1+FS Werk Nr 2555 of 8.Staffel/KG 76 fired a flamethrower at Sgt Ray Holmes' No 504 Sqdn Hurricane, as he fired at it from 400 yards. Holmes' windcreen was covered in oil, temporarily obscuring his view so that he had to break off his attack.  Schmidt was later fatally wounded by a spitfire and the Do 17 crash landed in a a hops field near Castle Farm, Shoreham.  Below is a photo of the crashed Dornier, with the flamethrower nozzle just visible on the end of the fuselage.  The casualty on the stretcher is probably the dying flamethrower operator.


See from 30:33 in this video:


A Ju 88 testing a flamethrower:


A He 111 testing a flamethrower:


More info:


Luftarchiv.de (see under Flammenwerfer)



A flamethrower on whaaat? An airplane?



Luftwaffe airborne flamethrower??

The Longest Winter: The Battle of the Bulge and the Epic Story of World War II's Most Decorated Platoon
By Alex Kershaw

https://books.google.com.sg/books?id=xtNKDgAAQBAJ&pg=PT234&lpg=PT234&dq=dornier+flamethrower#v=onepage&q=dornier flamethrower


Could this be implemented in the game? The mechanic for oil splatter on the cockpit glass is already there. Activiating the flamethrower could be the airborne equivalent of the smokescreen for tanks. It could be an unlockable upgrade for German bombers.


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.... Neat. Some planes also had smoke projectors to obscure followers or assist in ground attack by creating a quick smoke screen.

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