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I would like to suggest the Fiat built of the de Havilland Vampire. the Fiat FB.52A Vampire.


The FB.52A was a licensense built of FB.52 who was an export version of the swiss FB.6 who was himself a varriant of the english FB.5 with a Gobling 3 engine, FB 5 who was a Ground attack varriant of the F.3 variant with clipped wings, the F.3 was a varriant of the F.1 whit more fuel and a new tail. the F1 was the first produced varriant of the DH 100. to resume the FB.52A was a licensse gorund attacker with a new tail, more fuel, and a goblin 3 engine built of the F.1.

the first FB.52 was built in 1950 and was prosucws in december 1951 By Fiat and Macchi. a total of 150 FB.52A was built in Italia but soon remplaced by CL.13 and F-86 sabre. the FB.52A was sent to Syria and egypt in the early 1950s but some FB.52A remained in Italia for training purpose.



The Italian built FB.52A was similar to any FB.3 variant and had a the same Goblin engine of the swiss FB.6. the few difference are to make the building of the aircraft more easy for the italian production. the FB.52A have 4x 20mm Hispano Mk.V with 150 rounds each in the chin. the wign was offering 2x hadpoint for 225kg bomb or 8x 3inch rockets. the goblin 3 engine was in the rear of the main nacelle. an air-intake in the root of each wing was colling the engine. the fuel tank was in the middle of the main nacelle between the pilote and the engine. additional extenal fueltank was put under each wing.



General characteristics




http://www.edcoatescollection.com/ac6/Fiat (D.H.) Vampire FB.52A.html


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5 hours ago, igeticsu said:

I would prefer to see more unique Italian jets to begin with, however I wouldn't mind it getting added at a later point.

i agree. i was just seeking to propose something to fill the jet line along side with the G.91. i just don't like to have only 1 plane suitable for the battler of the specific BR. the G.91 is ok but once lost them both and the F.84 you only have the only propeller plane. for me, it would need at least 3 more plane in the tier 5 to start to have an interesting choice. the Vampire is not that bad. even if it's originally not Italian, so far every nation have at least one vehicles who aren't originally from them, the Sherman is in every ground tree, the sabre is almost everywhere, the allied all have the mustang and the spitfire in premium. half of them have the capture FW.190. so why not add a few British or American there since there was in services in their aviation.


it would also be highly possible and logical to the suggestion for the Ju.87, Ju.88 Do.217 and Bf.110 into the Italian services, i had plan to suggest it, but i wanted to see if there is people who would like to do their part too.

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As the Fiat FB.52 Vampire has been previously added for italy,


Moved to Implemented Suggestions.:salute:

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