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[MacOS] How to install custom model



I often see Mac users on War Thunder Live asking why custom models does not works after following the instructions correctly, the reason is simple: currently those are not the correct instructions (for MacOS users). However just a small variant of the installation will solve the problem.


At this point I'll start from the beginning and write a full quick guide. Feel free to skip the part that you already know.


1. Locating the game folder


Unlike in Windows, in MacOS locating the game folder is not obvious, but neither so hard:



1. With a Finder window selected, click Go→Go to Folder




2. Copy and paste the following string and click go: /Applications/WarThunderLauncher.app/Contents/WarThunder.app/Contents/Resources/game

3. If you want to have a quick access in future you can drag the game folder on your desktop to automatically create an Alias (aka shortcut on Windows) that you can move wherever you prefer 


2. Installing the User Model


In case you don't know how to merge folders (it will became useful when you have multiple models/missions already installed):


The Finder does actually have a folder-merging feature, but it doesn’t offer it when you might want it. Instead, you need to use a secret handshake to access it.

Mac OS X 10.7 Lion — released in 2011 — added a hidden Merge option. To access it, you have to hold down the Option key (aka Alt) as you drag-and-drop a folder into the same location. If you do this, you’ll see a dialog with a Merge button and you can click it to merge folders like you would on Windows or Linux.


For this example I will use the Ironman model, but so far this method works for any other model.


1.  After unpacking the User model, locate the gameData folder:



Note: Other models might use pkg_user rather than pkg_local . In the end nothing change, it's just to inform you in case this is not the model you want to install, but keep in mind that you still have to use the folder chosen by the creator. If one model use pkg_user and another one use pkg_local you have to keep them both. Moving the content into the other one is not going to work.


2. Move (or merge) the gameData folder into pkg_main (inside the game folder content):





3. Select the remaining folders inside the User model content and move it (or merge it) inside the respective content folder inside the game folder:





4. Select the remaining UserMission from the User model folder and move it (or merge it) inside the game folder.


For safety reasons, I prefer to do the steps 3. and 4. manually as shown rather than merging content and UserMission all together. It takes 10 more seconds to do so, but it takes a single click to mistakenly override the folders rather than merging them, and overriding the content folder means that you are permanently deleting most of the game files meaning that you have to re-downlaod them. On the other hand overriding your User missions or User models folders is much less harmful.

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