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Planned Economy changes for April 2017

Dear Players


We will soon be introducing new economic changes to War Thunder for Realistic Battles, Simulator Ground Forces battles, and the Assault (PvE) modes. Please review the following changes and be sure to leave your feedback!


  • Activity Awards in  Aircraft and Ground Forces RB, as well as in Ground Forces SB, has increased by an average of 20% which leads to an increase in research points in these modes.
  • Recalculated repair costs and multipliers of award-winning units. Detailed changes listed in the table (see attachment).
  • Silver Lions rewards at Rank I in PvE mode have been increased by 15%.
  • Increased research rewards in PvE-mode:

- by 75% at Rank I

- by 70% on Rank II

- by 30% on Rank III

- by 20% on Rank IV

- by 25% on Rank V

  • The cost of respawning in PvE mode has been increased by 30%


Discuss and leave your feedback here!

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