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War Thunder Chronicles

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You need to get these rewards!


On the eve of the Day of Victory on the 9th of May you will be able to tread the path of glory, use your skills and get rewards that are worthy of real winners! WWII chronicles has begun!


From 15:00 GMT on the 14th of April till 13:00 GMT on the 10th of May

Win in battles and get unique premium vehicles and other valuable prizes!

Open Chronicles Calendar

Matilda Mk.II F-96   A33 Excelsior   PV-2D Harpoon   Yak-3Т
country_ussr_aviation_active_588b7ff23ac polosochka_81c0fa7d084cc69f26dca6f485834 country_britain_aviation_active_294c207fa33_excelsior_37d1597f7e4cef01932bfa086e polosochka_81c0fa7d084cc69f26dca6f485834 country_usa_aviation_active_a4a05e4469cfpv_2d_d724b21c050ab67fd198364388888f16.p polosochka_81c0fa7d084cc69f26dca6f485834 country_ussr_aviation_active_588b7ff23acyak_3t_1f98326463637a69c08df9d014025b20.
The vehicle model 
is under construction.


 How to get:


polosochka_81c0fa7d084cc69f26dca6f485834 Tank_icon.pngFor 6 received 
“Chronicle awards” for  tankers
polosochka_81c0fa7d084cc69f26dca6f485834 Tank_icon.pngFor 11 received 
“Chronicle awards” for  tankers
polosochka_81c0fa7d084cc69f26dca6f485834 Air_icon_515fbcd48f6949ebb7cc32d21ff03d8For 6 received
“Chronicle awards” for pilots
polosochka_81c0fa7d084cc69f26dca6f485834 Air_icon_515fbcd48f6949ebb7cc32d21ff03d8For 11 received
“Chronicle awards” for pilots
The first batches of the British Matilda tank, that the USSR received under the Lend-lease program demonstrated the low efficiency of the British 2 pounder cannon. Soviet engineers tried to resolve this problem by replacing the native cannon with a 76mm ZiS-5 cannon, which was specially modified to be mounted in the British turret. How will the new “Matilda” perform with the KV-1 cannon we will see very soon!  polosochka_81c0fa7d084cc69f26dca6f485834 The heavy British attack tank. Was created as a universal vehicle, while in defense exceeding the famous "Churchill" and in mobility the lighter "Cromwell". Add to this an excellent British 75mm cannon and get one of the best tanks in the game at its own rank! polosochka_81c0fa7d084cc69f26dca6f485834 The twin-engined strike aircraft of the US Air Force was produced at the end of the war. Strong, tenacious and maneuverable for his own class attacker carries a solid bomb load, missiles and even torpedoes. Especially for this model, aircraft designers strengthened offensive weaponry by installing 8 large-calibre "Brownings" in the nose.    polosochka_81c0fa7d084cc69f26dca6f485834 A Soviet fighter with a 37mm gun and a pair of 20mm automatic guns creating a massive second salvo surpassed all the fighters of Germany and the Allies. The unique combination of beautiful flying qualities and colossally powerful weapons! Definitely a new star in the sky of War Thunder!

And other prizes:

jaws1_decal_d389775365d9c11c7c99ac0b0d0d jaws2_decal_cc017fecc6a1d092d646a907365b jaws3_decal_a04640e99898bc920740d45acb7d jaws4_decal_d2f1b4110d0301688db51c17176b jaws5_decal_39635b2c0db75658aedc34ddb2ba
"Monster Jaws" "Tiger Jaws" "Shark Jaws" "Boar Jaws" "Crocodile Jaws"

mg_stg_44_48361b7ef704543dce5c153e8fb80b mg_tp_100_80c4c86b61ca0c4c62bf15cab7a489 mg_lanchester_mk1_88d696053d82791c5c9ee9 mg_m3_8505f1b2b91f9ef478ed918d1b19f261_9 mg_ppsh_42_9e3721853a90559bf302e6fdf804a
StG 44 Type 100 Lanchester Mk.1 M3 "Grease gun" PPSh-42

“Chronicles Trophy”

Each trophy contains one of the following items:

100-900% SL.png Silver Lions booster
100-900% RPblue.png Research Points booster
A random talisman itemType_talisman.png for ground vehicles or aircraft of rank 2-4
A random camouflage Camouflage.png for ground vehicles or aircraft of rank 2-4
х10 random back-ups itemType_spare.pngfor ground vehicles or aircraft of rank 2-4

5 Unique decals

Nose arts


5 vehicle decorations

Sub-machine guns and assault rifles

 How to get:
Tank_icon.pngAir_icon_515fbcd48f6949ebb7cc32d21ff03d8For each 2 received
“Chronicle awards” for tankers and pilots
polosochka_81c0fa7d084cc69f26dca6f485834 Air_icon_515fbcd48f6949ebb7cc32d21ff03d8For each 3 received
“Chronicle awards” for pilots
polosochka_81c0fa7d084cc69f26dca6f485834 Tank_icon.pngFor each 3 received
“Chronicle awards” for tankers

How to receive ”Chronicle awards"


In order to receive prizes, you must complete the event stages in order to achieve “Chronicle awards” which you can complete in the “WW II Chronicles”. You can complete three of the five tasks of your choice:


Tank_icon.pngStages for tankers - by controlling ground vehicles:   Air_icon_515fbcd48f6949ebb7cc32d21ff03d8Stages for pilots - by controlling of the aircraft:
  • Destroy 40 enemies (x2 RB, x3 SB);
  • Get the achievement “Supporting fire” (help for destroying in a squad) 5 times;
  • Win 10 times (with activity in battle of more than 70%);
  • Finish the battle in 1st place four times (while either winning or losing the battle); 
  • Destroy 12/6/3 enemies in 1 battle (AB, RB, SB) while controlling a ground vehicle.
  • Destroy 30 enemies (x2 RB, x3 SB);
  • Get the achievement “Supporting fire” (help for destroying in a squad) 4 times;
  • Win 10 times (with activity in battle more than 60%);
  • Finish the battle in 1st place four times (while either winning or losing the battle); 
  • Destroy 10/3/2 enemies in 1 battle (AB, RB, SB) while controlling an aircraft.



  • You must complete tasks in special battles: Events and tournaments → WW II Chronicles.
  • To receive “Chronicle awards” (ground vehicles and aircraft) you need to complete 3 out of 5 tasks for appropriate kind of vehicles. To receive a premium ground vehicle you need to complete the tanker stages, for pilots, to receive an aircraft you need to complete an air battle stage.
  • Each stage is active for 2 days and will reset at 11:00 GMT on the third day when a new task will be started.
  • “Chronicle awards” which will be marked in gold will be counted as completed.
  • You will be able to purchase any missed stage using the in-game store.
  • You can follow your progress in “Achievements → WW II Chronicles”

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