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[Competition] Military Traffic Code Contest - Submissions


TITLE: achtung

Description: two quite straightforward signs (one made with the usual triangular frame and the other with a rectangular shape) to tell german tankers that they may encounter soviet T-34s (or enemy tanks in general) on their path, so keep the eyes open to avoid bad surprises.



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TITLE: achtung schlamm und sumpfe

DESCRIPTION: this sign is intended to advise german tankers (or anybody else who bumps into it) that onwards their tanks may get stuck into mud or sink into swamps.


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Watch for Falling Planes!!!:016:




In ground battle, there are so many players driving their aircraft crashing into the ground:008:


because after they attack ground unit,they too late to pull up their planes noses. And somebody just want to be a suicide plane to cause a accurate bombing and explosion with their bombs.


i thought that it is a commonplace in ground battle.

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I made the "European Route 1" highway sign, using a stylized number 1 in the shape of an eagle.




My next submission, the "Minefield Sign", is composed of a German-type stylized letter "M" for "Minen" in German.




My third submission is the "Radioactivity Sign", which would work quite nicely as a decal for vehicles.



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Name: Panzer Vorwärts!

Description: The match has begun! All tanks can now advance forward towards the enemy!

Tried my best, was never really good at art. Hope everyone likes it!

Thank's for allowing me to enter into the contest!

Good luck, everyone!

Tank Forward!.png

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I wanted to go evoke the hand-made war-time signage seen during WWII, inspired by the photos below (and many other ones like these), but also add a WT-related touch here and there:



#1 "Slow As A Snail..." (A Gaijin-themed take on 'SLOW!' signs, combining the messages of examples seen above.)





#2 "Dangerous Curves" (A slightly less risque version of the 'SLOW' sign seen in the photo above. We could always use more pinups! ;)





#3 "Plywood Policeman" (Inspired by the above photo...this was too funny to pass up. I can imagine it would make a great target for speeding tanks. Apparently, there were more than a few painted plywood cut-outs of troops used on signs in WWII Germany. I found quite a few period photos ranging from bigger than life size, like here, to around a foot tall.)


#3A "Plywood Policeman with Graffiti" (after the US forces have rolled through town.)




58f2da03c28d6_Grenzereference.jpg.4b46bd 58f34fc52c59c_signgermanachtungborder.jp


#4 "Warning! Stop! Battlefield Border" (My take on a border control sign, some examples seen above, but inspired by those in-game 'Return to the Battlefield!' warnings, and illustrating the consequences of venturing too far afield. I went with a German sign, as it seemed more appropriate, especially in locations like Normany, Berlin and other maps that would have been German-held.)



#4A "Battlefield Border w Graffiti" (Same as above, but after the American troops rolled through.)




#4B "Border of the Map" (Different take on the same theme as above, translated to 'border of the map')



#4C "Border of the Map with Graffiti" 



#5 "Certain Death" (These directional road signs were also inspired by the 'end of the map' warnings, and WWII era signage. Really, the only two options on the battlefield most of the time.)


#5A "End of the Map" (Couldn't make up my mind whether it was better as an official sign, above, or as a painted-over improvised sign, so I made both.)


#5B "Return to the Battlefield or else..." (Again, inspired by that place in the map where going further means spontaneously exploding).





Disregard older versions below:


sign Border of the Battlefield.jpg

sign Border of the Battlefield w kilroy.jpg

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Changed out font color on two of the Border of the Battlefield signs.
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Beware of Yak-3s


Another one, slightly lower res


the translation in Russian is: Warning! UFO!


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