Suggestion: 'Toggle Controls Mode' Settings to be Selective.


Hi HI. Above shown is the settings for Toggle Controls, I currently use this on occasion when performing some not-very-healthy maneuvers, it can be fun and useful at times, such as turning at a high speed while holding your speed or letting your plane stall out more naturally. (My experience is based on the 262 series). 


My problem with the current situation is that when I want to Toggle between the modes, it cycles through All Four of them, I intend only to Toggle between "Mouse aim" and "Realistic controls", but the other two just get in the way. So I was wondering if we could see something such as a setting implemented below 'Toggle Control' mode taking up the 5th slot under "Controls Mode" to refine this option to be selective of which control modes you only intend on using. Thankssssss!

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