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Wrong Designation and Penetration for 90mm Shells

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The following 90mm Gun armed tanks in the US tech tree: T25 Medium, M26 Pershing Medium, M36 GMC, and the M18 Super Hellcat all use the "T33 AP" Shell, but with the wrong penetration. The penetration stats match those of the older M77 AP shell which was introduced with the 90mm M1 Dual-Purpose Gun in 1940. T33 APBC-T was introduced on the Western Front in the "Zebra Mission" in January of 1945 when the US Army field tested 20 T26E3 Pershing tanks along with 2 new 90mm shots. These were T33 APBC-T and the M304 shot. T26E3 Pershings were the only vehicles with these rounds given to them.


A.) Below is Page 63 from World War II Ballistics: Armor and Gunnery by  Lorrin Rexford Bird and Robert D. Livingston

-In the table, M77 AP has the same penetration values at 0 degrees obliquity as the "T33 AP" shot has in game right now. 

-the 0 degree obliquity penetration values for T33 APBC is also given, which means that these rounds are different from each other.

-(Note: FH after the shot's name is the penetration stats of that shot AGAINST Face Hardened Armor)



B.) Below is another image from Terminal Ballistic Data Volume: 3, by the Office of the Chief of Ordnance from September of 1945

-On page number 164 of the document is a "Striking Velocity vs. Armor Penetration and Range" table for 90mm T33 AP

-Solid Curves indicate data that has been acquired through testing

-Broken/dotted lines indicate estimated penetration acquired through mathematics

-Please read Page 134 on how to read the Tables and use the EXAMPLE table on the next page.



C.) The following is a combined Penetration table for 90mm T33 APBC-T using the 0 degree obliquity penetration figures from Source A, and sloped armor penetration figures from Source B


T33 shot


                             0°                         55° (Panther D,A,G, and F front hull glacis)

100m                    206mm              96mm

500m                    193mm              89mm

1000m                  178mm              86mm

1500m                  164mm              74mm

2000m                  150mm              70mm









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This issue is already being/has been discussed on an active thread on this Forum at this time.



  Regarding the T33 round.


This issue is already known and has been sent to the Developer's for resolution.
Task ID: 0036831


This issue is already reported.





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