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[Development] B-10B: The Racing Bomber

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Created in 1930, the American Martin B-10B high-speed bomber reached speeds of 333 km/h in testing. This meant that the bomber could outrun many of the biplane fighters at the time! As a result of the project’s success, Martin received the prestigious Collier Trophy for its contribution to aviation and an order from the government for 48 units, which later led to several more large orders. By the mid-1930s, the company’s Martin B-10B and B-12A made up the core of the USA bomber force.


b_10b_01_450_1739c464353239da5bceb14ac55 b_10b_03_450_bc623e832fb52a02e5e8872e6c8


However, soon the race for technological supremacy shifted towards even more advanced designs. New fighters became faster and bombers more powerful, and the B-10B was eclipsed before its paint had even lost its gloss. From 1937 onwards, the B-10B was replaced with the more advanced Boeing B-18 Bolo. The bomber saw out the war in several US wings in the Philippines. But the B-10B still managed to see some action – the exported aircraft were used in the Dutch East Indies, China and Thailand both in local conflicts and in air battles in the Second World War.



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In War Thunder, the B-10B will take its place at rank I as a premium aircraft in the American tech tree. The domed nose turret and large canopy of the dorsal turret give the aircraft a distinctive appearance. One interesting detail: the engine and oil temperature gages and the engine-propeller air pressure gages were located directly on the nacelles, which allowed the pilot to read the instruments on the left and right through the canopy glass.


b_10b_05_450_45630e5d1c135a7f8b0e4c922e7 b_10b_06_450_0ad49154628aea318c766aad1df


For its rank, the B-10B possesses excellent speed and is capable of evading some, but not all, fighters. For pursuits, the aircraft was equipped with 7.62 mm machine guns, one in the nose turret, one in the rear canopy and a third in the ventral fuselage hatch. The Martin B-10B has several load presets of 250, 500, 1,000 and 2,000-pound bombs, its maximum payload is 2,000 pounds (just over 900 kg).


b_10b_04_450_5f89631072789829f96135b411f b_10b_07_450_ab90546d0349485b0518c0840ba


This American bomber will be added to the game in the next major War Thunder update coming soon. Keep an eye on our news, we’ve got lots more in store!

The War Thunder Team

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