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On 14/02/2017 at 4:35 PM, Revan131 said:

why is the FW-190 A5 U2 still at 6.0 BR in AB?  

I agree with you. It could be 5.3 after the A-5


Also the american case is worse, the F8F in arcade battle is 4.7 after 2 5.0 great planes with 20mm.

The F8F has 4 12mm MGs. The 3.0 BR F4F 1a USMC has almost the same speed/turning rate but 6 12mm MGs... 


The F8F can't outspeed, outturn, outclimb or heads on (wings MGs are horrible for that anyway) with most of their BR 5+ enemies. It is worse as I am used to have 1.0 higher enemies and so the F8F is used to fight agains 6.0 fighters BF 109 K4, FW 190 A-D, LA 9, Yak 9-15, Seafire, Tempest, Spit MK24, Ki-84, Kikka... most of then with 3-4 times more DPS. 

The F8F are used to be burned to death by most of the bombers they find as they have more firepower... G8N1, Lancaster, Yer 2, B17, B24 and some times Do 217.


With that kind of firepower on that BR you don't destroy the plane, you burn it to the death... but on this BR you will be used to have more assist than kills, as a 'friend' will steal it or the fire will extinguish with self sealing tanks.


There are times where a plane do a mistake of lose all the speed on a climb and I have some 3-5 seconds to shoot a siting duck and sometimes they survive that poor 12mm cannons, while a single 20mm shoot would tear a wing apart.


Don't think I am a bad pilot, I still have 49 death and 144 kill with that weak fighter, but most of those were diving some low speed fighters engaged with someone else that was burn to the death. With the F82 (that I find most of people playing it horrible in AB) I have just 24 death and 159 kills (and it is not even fully upgraded).


The F8F-1 should be 3-4 BR and before that modernized F6F.


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17 hours ago, Rokrar said:


You mean, like any other tank at 5.7 and 6.0 br range?

I know it, but u dont want to list all other thanks which has the same problem i just want to express my opinion about a little part of the new changes.

In the other hand if the tiger e get down the t25 should go down to 5.7 and m26 to 6.0 becouse the 90mm is the same as the tiger 88mm.

For the tank changes:

-t34-85 ok

-is 2 's  maybe

-panther 2 ok

-m36 ok

-firefly i think it was more competent then the m4's 76 at 5.0

-is 1 not needed

-Coelien ok

Just  the popular ones.


17 hours ago, Rokrar said:


 the problem is the tiger 2 h that is frontally IMMUNE to many many tanks on lower br's, and even comparing to other tanks on the same br the tiger 2 performs  MUCH better (tied with the equally op T29), but they refuse to increase its br to 7.0

I can totally agree with you.

  would be interested in how the game perform in  a 0.7 battle rating spread in mm or an average br calculation like in the planes.

I'm sure it solve and create some problems too. Its a little bit offtopic.



For the whole changes its good to see some changes which refresh the game a little bit, but i think there is a lot more balance to do.

Just listen to the community & keep up the good work.

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I was playing when the update came. And there did happen something strange before i exited the game an updated it.


1.) There had gone months since i had last played with the USSR ground forces, and i had played the game many times afterwards. Now i was playing with the Japanese planes. When i had finished the mission and had looked at the stats and how much i had researched the next plane, i did click "OK" in the bottom right corner. The next window was that i had researched a USSR spg, and could now purchase it.o_o

2.) I had again played a mission with the Japanese planes. I had got a new modification unlocked and purchased it and repaired the plane at the same time. When i clicked the button i did looked at my silver lions, first they did go down approximately the right amount, but then it jumped 500 000 up. :/ :good:


For me it was of course a nice surprise, but i thought that if somebody had the same problem number 2, but reverse that he/she would really be pissed off. I hope nobody haven`t.

Are there any explanations to this why it might happen, or where this just some rare bugs?:rookie:


Sorry for my English.

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