Feedback thread for economy changes. February 2017

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My personal favourite:

USA P-51 - AB: 2039, RB: 6051

UK P-51 - AB 5980 (x2.9!!!), RB: 10630 (x1.8)


Gotta admit, these prices making no sense really make me itching, and lack of consistency, or clarification how how they're calculated sure don't make it easier to let go.


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19 hours ago, ooooooooooooooi said:

The increase in hunter price is unfair. It's fine for the players that ahev had it for ages and can afford it, they are the ones making it OP. Us new hunter players are balanced, and we can't afford that upgarde cost. You should make repair costs proportional to the number of upgrades. Please.


Each installed modification increases repair price already, except ammo belts, bomb/rocket pylons and crew replacement (they have reload costs instead).


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