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ID: 0053769 06/02/17 [] Ho-103 missing explosive shells.

Hello, I am reporting the Ho-103 missing explosive incendiary rounds. In real life, there were three different types of explosives - the Italian fuzed shell, the Japanese fuzed shell, and the non fuzed explosive incendiary. 

The in game belts are copy pastes of the Italian Breda SAFAT 12.7mm machine gun, when in reality the Japanese types could fire other explosives. For example:


2017-02-05.png2017-02-05 (1).png

Just one type of explosive, which is the same as the Breda as they have the exact same belt composition. 

From 'NAVSEA OP 1667: JAPANESE EXPLOSIVE ORDNANCE' by Naval Sea Systems Command. First photo is the dimensions, construction, and colours. The second photo is a drawing of the ammo types. 



The second source is: Japanese Ammunition C.I.AMN Technical Report No.24, Aircraft Cannon Cartridges, 12.7mm Semi-Rimless for Aircraft Cannons Browning Type, Kirkee 1945. This gives an X ray view of them like above as well as dimensions. 



From:  United States Strategic Bomber Survey, date N/A. Gives us an insight into how the rounds performed.



Fourth source will be sent in PM to the responsible tech mod.

The fix I suggest is to add the additional explosive shells. Yes, there is an explosive shell in game at the moment, but there were additional, more advanced explosives that the machine gun could fire.

Clog: 2017_02_05_16_54_20__5000.clog should be the one.

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Your Bug Report is submitted and a Bug ID has been assigned: 0053769


This thread will remain unlocked for 7 days in order to allow anyone with information / evidence / examples to post them.

It will also serve as a place where the developers may post questions for you to answer, so please keep up to date here.


Thank you for helping us improving the game.



Rapitor, for the ™ team

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