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I think that there is not enough Polish designs as most of them are usually copies of Russian, Soviet or British vehicles.

There is actually a decent amount of Polish-made planes and yes obviously a few copy and pastes. But they have like no tanks

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You're wrong. Poland had handful of good tanks in early war, they can easily make up the reserves/Era I.


  • TKS tankette - based on the C2P artillery tractor, which was the redesign of the Carden-Loyd. It was outfitted mainly with wz.30 7,92mm MG, or (in smaller quantities) with 20mm nkm wz.38FK autocannon. The latter used the same 20mmB Solothurn ammunition as Italian L3/33 tankette. The 20mm variant proved itself effective against German light tanks, mainly Pz II and the Czech LT vz.38 AKA Pz.Kpfw. 38(t).
  • 7TP - a redesign of the license-produced Vickers 6-ton, it is said to be the most advanced one. It came in two variants:
    7TPdw: double turret version, with wz.30 7,92mm MGs
    7TPjw: single-turret version, with 37mm Bofors gun.

    Shortly before the war, several 7TPjw tanks were modified with thicker armour and stronger engine. They were unofficially nicknamed 9TP. Polish army had roughly 150 of the 7TP tanks in both variants.

  • 10TP - Our technicians after the trip to USA got inspired by the Christie suspension. They decided to build an entirely new design, utilizing this suspension system. They outfitted it with the Bofors 37mm gun from 7TP. According to sources, only one tank was built and tested between 1937-39. 10TP was destroyed by its constructors during the September Campaign.
  • 14TP - Alongside the 10TP, the medium tank concept was being developed. Only an unfinished prototype has been constructed. It is said to have an armour 35-50mm thick. Initially it carried the 37mm Bofors, just like the previous tanks, but the new 47mm gun was in development at the time too. During the German invasion, the only existing model was destroyed by the constructors.


The others, like the 20/25TP were just the paper concepts that never got into the development.



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