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How to always have War Thunder updated and ready to play?


How to always have War Thunder updated and ready to play?


To be sure that your game is always up to date and you will not need to wait for the update to install before you start playing War Thunder, you should enable the “Auto updates” function in the Launcher.


First, you need to click on the little spanner/wrench icon in the top right corner of the War Thunder Launcher. It will give you access to the Launcher Settings where you can edit a few options relating to downloading an update.


The following screenshot shows us the location of the “Auto updates” toggle. 



When this function is marked, it will allow the launcher to start an additional program called “Gaijin.Net Agent” which permits War Thunder to search and download updates right after they are published on the server. It means that even if you are doing something else (like browsing the internet or listening to music) it will download the latest update in the background. If you are using slower access to internet and you are afraid that it will slow down your internet, you can easily limit download speed, so it will not interfere your daily routines. You should also have in mind, that for most of the time, the application will be in idle mode, which means that it will have no influence on your internet connection. We suggest you limit or disable the upload options for players with slower or metered internet bandwidth.


After you launch the Auto updates feature, your War Thunder game will always be ready to play!


The War Thunder Team

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