I can't run war thunder anymore due to graphics card

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I used to be able to play war thunder. Even when my dad went crazy. I played late at night. I had fun and got to the tanks I thought I would never get to. The Tiger and Tiger II P. As I was on my way to the Tiger II H the game said I could not start it because of my graphics card. I was confused. I didn't realize that I wasn't going to be able to play anymore. Since then I have been left with **** games or low graphics games. Or just not playing at all. Not being able to play war thunder is like dying a virgin. Help me.

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Hi! Welcome to the War Thunder Forum.


Unfortunately, if you want better and more answers, and better help with your issue, you will have to post here.

There, you can find people to help you with your issue. This section is specifically made for new people to say hello to the community, not for technical issues.

Cheers, and I hope your issue gets resolved! :salute:


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