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[Development] Big Boat: The MZ1

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We are pleased to present heavy hitting boat that will appear in the War Thunder naval warfare closed beta test very soon: the German multi-purpose MZ1.

The MZ1 is an advanced German boat project created at the end of World War II. The leading boat of the series was laid down in 1943 and went into testing at the end of August 1944. 

mz1_05_450_b91d75ea0965230caa095cff99788 mz1_10_450_2d457ad9409e96fa59146cca679f2

In total, the Germans were able to build one boat of the twelve planned in this series. Three more were ready for assembly. All the built boats ended up at the disposal of the British occupational forces. The leading boat was sent to England for testing, while the remaining boats were scrapped.


Download Wallpaper: 1280x1024 | 1920x1080 | 2560x1440

The leading MZ1 series boat has become a new ship in the Kriegsmarine tree in War Thunder. The letters MZ in its name are an abbreviation of the German Mehrzweckboote, meaning "multi-purpose boat", which entirely discloses its intended purpose. 

mz1_09_450_e1a752b94dcc8e14c50159d91629d mz1_02_450_06cb154bfb732b37b9985f01a318b

The MZ-1 is a multi-purpose weapons platform with guns of several calibers, torpedoes and depth charges capable of solving any task of a small fleet. In battle, the MZ1 is an incessant and vociferous barrage of shells from an 88 mm, a 37 mm and several 20 mm cannons that generously rain fire down on the enemy. The two torpedo bays and six depth charges complete the image of this floating monster. There are no targets in the game that the MZ1 can’t take care of!



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