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Controls configuration (templates) need update!


I started WT playing with keyboard and mouse, using the controls configuration by the Control Setup Wizzard "Keyboard and mouse (simple)".

Now I tried to configure WT to support my old "USB Impact Gamepad",

I loaded the controls configuration "Xbox 360 controller, keyboard and mouse", and I was badly dissatisfied.

I concentrated on Ground Warefare.


1 Request:

I would like to have a template where EVERYTHING is like with "Keyboard and mouse (simple)", plus joystick support.

As base for own configuration.


This is not true for "Xbox 360 controller, keyboard and mouse", e.g. there are neither keys nor gamepad buttons for "Flyout a fighter". So major functions are not configured for that configuration. Especially this configuration is not a copy of "Keyboard and mouse (simple)", plus joystick support.


It is a very, very time-consuming and frustating process to implement the "Keyboard and mouse (simple)" by upgrading  another template, e.g to upgrade the "Xbox 360 controller, keyboard and mouse" template, with ONE computer. If you got 2 installations of WT on 2 different computers, it might be easier ( on one, load "Keyboard and mouse (simple)" as reference to upgrade the  "Xbox 360 controller, keyboard and mouse" on the other computer much faster and easily by comparing 2 screens ).


So might anybody provide a "Xbox 360 controller, keyboard and mouse", which has all keyboard keys assigned as known from "Keyboard and mouse (simple)" ? I would be pleased...


2. Request:

Allow to add Joystick functionality by configuration, not just by selecting a template.


The "Keyboard and mouse (simple)" does not allow to add a joystick axis :-(, please provide such option.

Especially in the main menu to select items for battlefield during a battle, the display is different for

2a)"Keyboard and mouse (simple)"


2b) "Xbox 360 controller, keyboard and mouse"


With (2a), there is a red button over each item ( airplane, ground vehicle ) "To battle", and I may select an item, and as long as I am in the queue, I may select another item instead.

With (2b), there is no such red button.


Probably there are other differences. Please tell me, if you know.


3. Request:

Improve usabillty of gamepad controllers.


My experience:

I was dissatisfied to use the gamepad controller for tank aiming, in comparison to using a mouse.

I am shure its not just the fault of my gamepad controller, but of the implementation of the tank aiming with gamepad controllers.

Even after some try at "test drive" or "custom battles", I was unable to gain the effect of moving the tank aim cursor to a new target with my gamepad, which I am used to with mouse. So its also a question of speed of movement of the tank aim cursor, with gamepads...

So I must focus on using the gamepad controller for driving, and still using the other hand for the mouse to do tank aiming.

This means with my classical USB gamepad controller, that I may just use the left half of the gamepad, while the other hand is using the mouse. Indeed as I must keep the controller in my hand, now the right mouse hand must execute additional commands on the keyboard.


I am unsure if anybody is satisfied with using gamepad controllers for Ground Warefare, at all...

And I am unshure if a traditional joystick ( with less buttons and axis than even a legay or current gamepad ) is useful to play in WT Ground Warefare...



One of the unique features of WT in comparison to the big market leader is,

at least when I installed the competitor's software and did a test drive with default configuration, in 2016-04,

that the control of turret is NOT just linked to WASD keys or the cursor keys, but to the mouse. So that I may move the ground vehicle by the cursor keys ( or the gamepad controller ), while I may more accurately ask the gunner to move the turret to the direction I want, by mouse cursor. So the turret might be slower than my cursor, but it is - typical to a PC mouse - an XY absolute mode, so I put the mouse cursor to somewhere, the turret  with cannon will move exactly to that location.


I don´t want to loose that advantage of the XY absolute  mode when using a gamepad.


Indeed, with the current implementation of WT controls, and maybe by the design of game controllers, setting the tank aim with a joystick/gamepad is not possible in an XY absolute mode, but just in relative mode... this is at least the user experience. Now with turning the turret, there might be even a delay so that for a 360 turn of the turret, I must stop before the turret is turned totally...



I didn´t find any other control template suitable as base for a classical PC USB gamepad controller. Is there any other in the list of default templates, or at ?






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Open for discussion. :salute:

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I now explored the keyboard + gamepad support deeply.



indeed, even with the template "Keyboard and mouse (simple)", I may add a joystick axis where it its available in the template.

But by some unknown reason, when I started the posting, AFAIK it was not possible on my WT installation.

Indeed, now there are also clickable buttons with "Xbox 360 controller, keyboard and mouse" in the main battle menu from which you select the items for battle.

Really... a wondersome internal software update?! I can´t be so wrong with what I experienced...



I created two personal templates

2.1 based on "Keyboard and mouse (simple)", gamepad_kbm.blk

2.2 based on "Xbox 360 controller, keyboard and mouse", gamepad_xbox.blk



I implemented (almost) all keys of  "Keyboard and mouse (simple)" for "Xbox 360 controller, keyboard and mouse", and I setup both templates for basic support of the joystick axis of a common PC gamepad, plus some buttons.




With the template gamepad_kbm.blk,

a) the joystick axis 1+2 don´t work in Aerial Warefare, but in Ground Warefare

b) Messages to the Team "T" => Press "T", then a menu appears on the screen, you may press "1" or "2" or "3" or "4", as usual



With the template gamepad_xbox.blk,

b) the joystick axis 1+2 works fine in Aerial Warefare and Ground Warefare

even with identical configuration.

b) Messages to the Team "T" => Press and hold "T" to display a menu, and at the same time while "T" is pressed, one of the keys "1" or "2" or "3" or "4"

However, joystick axis 3+4 work with all configurations.



As the .blk files are text files, and I generated it just from different souces, I am surprised.

I still didn´t check the text files for differences, which must be so severe, that one of the templates doesn´t work with Aerial Warefre properly :-(


There is still a severe difference between the 2 files, they use an import function which imports different default layouts:












but I didn´t find the files yet, and I don´t know about the path.

Does anybody know where to find these files?




My criticism about the general low usabilty of a gamepad to control especially a ground vehicle is still valid.

If I should be forced to use a gamepad for Ground Warfare, the battle chances would decrease to 0, as proper aiming is impossible with my gamepad, no  matter what WT configuration I setup. Even driving is much harder...





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