PT-309 "Oh Frankie"

I'm not sure as to where I should have put this, but I have a question. Is Gaijin planning on ever adding the PT-309?


It's armament was 2x 20mm guns, a 40mm gun, 6x .50 BMGs, arranged in 2x double guns, and 2x single guns. Also of mention were the depth charges and torpedoes, though I couldn't find anything on those.

The PT-309 is the only restored PT boat to have seen active service in WWII. Here's an excerpt from the Historical Naval Ships Association:


Stationed in the Mediterranean, she fired over 100 torpedoes during the war and was credited with sinking five enemy ships. She was also responsible for the capture of an Italian MAS (PT equivalent) boat.

PT-309 was nicknamed “Oh Frankie” following a meeting between the boat’s first skipper, Wayne Barber, and Frank Sinatra at a night club in New York City just prior to her departure for the European Theater.


Also a picture.



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