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War Thunder Player Council news release Nov 2016

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Greetings everyone!

It is about time for a player council update. The last month or so we have been working on getting some progress with the situation regarding the WTPC. I am happy to say that a few things fell into place at once. We should get meetings going again right away, which also warrants an election for new council members. Also to facilitate better communication between the WTPC, and the general goings on behind the curtain as it were, I have moved over to the position of technical moderator to act as a liaison to the WTPC.


Over the past several months, we (along with Scarper and the CMs) have been trying to get some traction in getting the WTPC rolling again. One task that the WTPC has picked up is that the player council will work with the technical moderators to include feedback in battle rating adjustments which Gaijin does periodically following major updates.  


Partly related to that, we also have had the issue of not always having ALL of the information when we handled community issues, or even addressed battle ratings. In particular, the info from behind the scenes: what solutions have been tried by the devs to resolve certain issues, what suggestions can work, which ones can’t, or the constant conflict between server tracked vehicle statistics, and player experiences. This information is usually readily available to the staff. Sometimes when we would bring up an issue, we would have to go back to the drawing board, as it were, and retool our concerns and recommendations considering this new information. This is the main reason why I have decided to join the team as a tech mod. I will have access to this information, and will be at the WTPC’s disposal when discussing issues. The hope here is that I can provide this information to the council more easily, and save some time. In this role I would be assisting the WTPC in providing information for them to aid them in their work. I will no longer be a voice on the council and a part of deciding how the WTPC should proceed. The direction they decide to go will be up to the elected members of the council.


For a long time now, we have been waiting for Pavel’s position to be clarified, since he was the one who had been meeting with the WTPC in conjunction with Scarper and other staff. Being based in Moscow and residing high up the chain meant this wasn't a natural process. Scarper and Senio had already stepped in day to day to help here. Over the past few weeks while I have been training as technical moderator, and talking with Scarper and some of the CM’s on how we could move forward with the WTPC, Scarper has agreed to hold the originally mandated meetings with the WTPC in place of Pavel. Scarper has access to War Thunder’s behind the scenes, and has direct communication with the devs, similar to what Pavel had (other than not being physically present in the same office). Meetings will go similarly to how they were in the past with the WTPC meeting with Scarper, and any other available Gaijin employees such as the community managers.


As far as the election is concerned, we are making a few changes to the election process. Rules for candidacy are tweaked, and the method for voting will be changing. I will include links to those issues, since it would be better organized to have those discussions in their own place. We will start candidate applications shorty to give the community time to see this news release first.

Changes to council composition and term duration:


New system for WTPC elections:


Discuss everything else here:



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