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ID:0049958 24/Oct/2016 Nimrod suffers tail damage after engine start in SB

Happened several times with both Nimrod I & II in SB. Start the engine. With just the slightest movement on the field runway (maybe 5-10% engine thrust) the damage indicator shows tail damage.

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Thanks for your report.  


Can I please draw your attention to the guidelines for making a Bug Report at the top of the Moderated Bug Reports - Windows Forum  HERE  - Please ensure your reports comply with these guidelines.


To better help us resolve the issue, please also include the following:

1. A detailed description of the issue you have. It is also important that you describe how we can reproduce the issue and if you are able to reproduce it.

2. Please attach appropriate replay file.   As well as screenshots if this shows the issue.

3. Game mode the bug occurred in (Arcade, Realistic, Simulator or all three) and the version of the game the issue occurred in.

4. Attach your system's current DxDiag Log.

5. Attach the Client Log of the session in which the error occurred. If the problem is persistent, attach the latest one available.
SEE LINK to obtain both logs => HERE


If no further information is received within 48 hours, we will close this task and you will need to submit a new report.


Kind Regards,


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         Thank you for your help improving the game.  


Your information has been forwarded to the developers and the tracking number is: ID:0049958      Issue similar to ID:0049719 on XP-50.

This thread will remain unlocked for one week (7 days) so that anyone with additional information\evidence\examples will have a place to post.  


After this time the report will remain active but will be archived.


It will also serve as a place where the developers will post questions for you to answer so please keep up to date here.



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