How many additional crew slots may I buy for GLs ? And what is the price ?

How many additional crew slots may I buy for Golden Lions (GLs) ? And what is the price ?


There 3 free crews in a preset, plus 2 crews you may buy for SilverLions, gives you a maximum of 5 crew slots in a preset as non-paying player.

Now (as of 2016-09) you may buy another crew slot for 200 GoldenEagles. If I understand the crew slot system right, this is for a single nation.

How many additional crew slots may you buy? Another 5, or much less? On my desktop screen, there is not much more space for another 3 crews, not 5.

So for 5 nations, 3 additional crew slots, makes at least 15 * 200 = 3000 Golden Lions. You may buy 5000 GoldenLions for 24.99 EUR.


But: Is the price stable, so does the 6th, 7th, 8th additonal crews also cost you "just" another 200 GoldenEagles?

With the 4th and 5th crew slots, the SL price for the 5th crew slot is much higher than the price for the 4th slot..


See also my article about (limited) number of presets and crew slots



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