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Regarding the Sparta 4x4 tournament (posted in a topic dedicated to it but then saw that comments should be directed to this page):


We tied in the third round so both teams were disqualified from the tournament. We do understand that its the rule and we respect it but for the future tournaments it would be good to implement a secondary counter to determine the winner and keep both or one (in case of this happening in the loser bracket) in the tournament so teams would not be punished for not loosing on purpose in the last seconds.

Possible choices are:

-Less deaths (If a player dies by wrecking or by drowning that should not punish the other team).
-Less hits (skill wise my personal belief is that more frags per less hits should be higher).

-More crits (Crits should count higher than a normal hit).



That being said, it is an interesting new format that will good with some tweaking (side spawns should be a bit closer to the objective, no team should get first spawn on the objective etc) and we look forward to play it again.

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