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ID:0045958 21/7/16 [] Can't load default ammo type for all of my planes

It seem like I can't load default ammo type on all of my planes (with all modifications unlocked, but issue also persist even with partially modified vehicle). I can choose default ammo type but it is not loading!!! This issue is recreated by 2 of my friends also. Issue is clearly recreated by trying to change to default ammo type in hangar (changing it before battle does not help also).  Bomb load is not affected by this issue (I can choose all bomb types including rockets and no bomb load).

Example vehicles:

- F8F-1B

- FW 190 A-5/U2

- Yak-9P

- Spitfire LF. MK IX

- J2M2


Difficulty settings:

Main menu: Tank Realistic Battles

Research tree: Realistic Battles


Client log: attached

DxDiag log: attached

Video file: attached


- I did check files for consistency (all good)

- I have latest WT CDK installed and have made some user missions with it

- I did modified custom difficulty settings in Custom Battles to suit my needs

- I used Mission Editor option in Test Flight menu


Did not play WT so much lately so I guess it is an issue related to recent WT updates (before I did not have such a problem or I just did not noticed it) .













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Thank you for bringing that issue to us and helping us improving the game.


Your bug report is approved.


My first suggestion would be to try a cache emptying:


Cache emptying:

1. Exit the game.


2. Using File Explorer/This PC - navigate to the War Thunder directory on your computer system.



3. Locate the 'cache' sub directory in the War Thunder directory and delete it.



4. Restart War Thunder via the game Launcher and allow game to update and analyze Files.



5. Enter Game and re-check for issue.



I would like to request a screenshot of the loadout windows (where you cannot select default belt) to illustrate the situation please.

I am also currently unable to replicate. Can you provide a detailed descritpion of how to reproduce please ?


Please provide all the information required as your report is currently incomplete (see note).


This report will remain open for 48 hours in order to provide the requested elements.

If no response is given within the time lapse, the report will be sent to trash and the process will have to be started over from scratch.



Rapitor, for the ™ team.

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Deleted cache folder and analyzed files, but the issue still remains.

I have added screenshots in previous post.


I can choose default ammo type but it seems that its not loading at all. I can choose all other ammo types and all of them are loading correctly.

Issue is reproduced as shown in the video file and screenshots files. Very simple to try and see if issue exists.


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Thank you very much for the detailed description with screenshot.


Your Bug Report is submitted and a Bug ID has been assigned: 0045958


This thread will remain unlocked for 7 days in order to allow anyone with information / evidence / examples to post them.

It will also serve as a place where the developers may post questions for you to answer, so please keep up to date here.


Thank you for helping us improving the game.



Rapitor, for the ™ team

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I can confirm that this is happening on the P-38 series of U.S. planes.  Only I've found something a little different:  I CAN select default ammo and it stays when I join a battle BUT when I finish the battle, the ammo is changed to other types for all the p-38's even though I only fly one.  Two planes are switched to Universal, the option right below Default, and one is changed to Stealth.  Tested twice to be sure and it's reproducible.  The Stealth assignment changed planes from the first match to the next.  Strange.


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The topic will now be closed and moved to the appropriate section. If you believe there is still information that needs to be passed on, please contact a Technical Moderator via private message. Thank you and have a nice day

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