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★★★ Unified Combatant Command ★★ UCC ★★★



U.C.C. is now currently recruiting.

Server: All
Faction: All
Game Style: Fun Arcade, Serious HB, Full Tactic Extreme RFB
Timezone Scheduling: ( UTC -6 )
Voice Chat: Yes (Teamspeak3)

Website - http://uccgaming.com



Unified Combatant Command, also known as UCC for short, is a gaming community that is purely War Thunder based.  Created from ex WoT players, UCC has developed into a quickly growing community that's gone international with players based all around the globe. With the rise of War Thunder and the growing number of players, UCC is now recruiting mature players, for "Fun Arcade", Fun and Serious Historical Battles, as well as Serious Real Battles.




7 Wing :


Fun Arcade : For those who just want to have some fun, jump in with a few squad mates for some good ol fashion fun.  No required training classes.


Fun Historical : Just like Arcade, however done on Historical Mode. No required training classes.


17 Wing :


Serious Historical : Squad flights with wings. Full formations, bomber escort/interceptor flying. Weekly practices required.


Full Battle : For the serious hard core pilots. Full tactical play with formation flying. Weekly practices required.



The Joys of UCC


Access to UCC website and forums.

Training from elite UCC staff.

Tactical Advice from real combat pilots.

Access to UCC teamspeak server.

Access to UCC contests and much much more.



Ally / Alliance, and Recruiting Inquiries please goto;



or click the recruiting link at http://www.uccgaming.com



Hope to see you soon.


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