T32 heavy development

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Some snap shots from situation reports month to month.



March 1945







April 1945







May 1945




June 1945




July 1945







Aug 1945








more to come

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41 minutes ago, Felmyst said:

Hull roof 25,5 => 38,1

Floor 25,4+12,7 => 25,4

Turret sides 196 + 152,4 => 152,4

450 rounds 0.5 => 1000


You mean the armor differences.

That armor increase is intentional to make a better production quality (T32E1 itself) from the T32 "test bed". Especially from front.


The hull roof difference is actually 25.4 mm - to - 66.67 mm.

I don't see any writing of 38 mm.


There is no difference with the floor armor.


Turret side armor is exactly the same from both variants which is 196.85 (on front side) - 152.4 mm (on rear side).


"450 rounds 12.7 -> 1000" what?

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17 minutes ago, Sirchby said:


Вы имеете в виду различия брони.

Это увеличение брони намеренно, чтобы сделать лучшее качество продукции (сам T32E1) от T32 «испытательным полигоном». Особенно спереди.


Разница крыша корпуса фактически 25,4 мм - до - 66,67 мм.

Я не вижу никакого писания 38 мм .


Там нет никакой разницы с полом броней.


Турель стороны брони точно так же, как из вариантов, который составляет 196,85 (на лицевой стороне) - 152,4 мм (на задней стороне).


"450 патронов 12,7 -> 1000" что?

Compared with the game




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15 minutes ago, Felmyst said:

Compared with the game

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That is in-game T32 armor parameter...


As you can see its thickness is already wrong in the first place compared to its actual armor specification (even if it has to be a nerf. Historically-purposed nerf).

But, yeah. The T32 is one of the earliest U.S. tank designed in War Thunder.


So I wouldn't be surprised if it's off the chart due to Devs didn't know about most U.S. tank development in detail at that time... or until today...


Especially with armor issue.

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