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[Video] “Panfilov’s 28” to be released on the 24th of November 2016

Gaijin Entertainment and 28 Panfilov’s men studio are proud to announce the premiere of a long anticipated war movie. Panvilov’s 28, with Universal Pictures Russia as the film provider. The premiere in Russia is estimated to take place around November 24th 2016.

Panvilov’s 28 is a movie devoted to a famous act of bravery
by the Soviet soldiers that managed to protect Moscow back in 1941.

Panvilov’s 28 is a movie devoted to a famous act of bravery by the Soviet soldiers that managed to protect Moscow back in 1941, with most of them paying the ultimate price for this deed. The movie has been created in partnership by the 28 Panfilov’s men studio and Gaijin Entertainment, the video game developer that created the famous MMO - “War Thunder”.

You can turn on subtitles for this video by clicking on the cog-wheel in right bottom corner.

The project has been developed by a small independent studio in St.-Petersburg and Gaijin Entertainment, with support from their war-related massively multiplayer online game, War Thunder. The movie became a unique project. It received a record breaking crowd-funding in Russia as well as several CIS states and was supported by other investors such as the  Russian Ministry of Culture and the Kazakhstan Ministry of Culture after  huge fundraising success.

Andrey Shaliopa. “Panfilov’s 28” producer:

«We are happy to announce that we have a wonderful partnership with Universal Pictures Russia. In addition, the premiere for the movie will take its place on November the 24th 2016. Finding a trusted distribution partner requires a lot of effort, it took us many months, but I believe that Universal is the best film provider we could ever hope to find. This enables the movie to be available for the widest possible audience. I will share all the details in the close future on our website and on our social media...»

Anton Yudintsev, co-producer of the “Panfilov’s 28” movie and Gaijin Entertainment CEO:

«Our project is entering its final stages and we are pleased that we can finally announce the date of the long anticipated premiere. It is symbolic that it will take place on the 75th anniversary of the famous battle near Dubosekovo and will become a fitting form of memorial to the heroic deed of the brave men who took part.»

Watch the official trailer and subscribe to the Youtube channel - follow the news!


The War Thunder and 28 Panfilov’s Team

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