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MultiOp Squadron Recruiting




Welcome To The MultiOp Gaming Squadron



Brief Introduction


MultiOp is a gaming community created from a group of people brought together from the Military Simulator: Arma and has expanded into a fully grown Gaming Community based in the UK with players from all over the world getting involved in a whole range of online games as a warm and welcoming family of gamers.


We are looking to create a full time operational MultiOp Gaming Squadron to enage in daily arcade battles and weekend/mid-week evening clan battles and tournaments.


A lot of MultiOp players are already experienced in War Thunder, clocking up a lot of hours already, the group work hard and play hard together and we would love to welcome our doors to new members and create a large War Thunder Squadron to have fun and make new friends from all over the gaming world.


Rules and Requirements


In Truth there are no rules as such, we are not a military style realism group with mass ranks or a command chain, we are a simple group of gamers who want to play and have fun.. there will be minimal organisation within the squadron, but we dont expect you to pass any recruitment camp or fly 937037503242 missions before we accept you.


We welcome all gamers across the world, we currently have gamers from the US, Canada, UK, Denmark, Holland and even China playing for us already, we would like people who can speak or understand English but we will try to cater for those who english is not a primary language.


We ask that players looking to join have Teamspeak to be able to join us and of possible sign up on our MultiOp Gaming Forums for squadron news and information, but all details will be given when joining our TS for the first time.


and lastly we ask that all players HAVE FUN, that is MultiOp's first and foremost goal is that all players can come online and relax while having fun in a clean and friendly environment, we welcome all ages, any gender from all nationalities.


Please reply to this thread if you are interested or you can join us on our Teamspeak at: ts.multiopgaming.net and look down the channels for the War Thunder Lobby.


Any issues or questions you are welcome to PM me here and I will endevour to assist you.


Many Thanks and look forward to seeing you soon.




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