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G.C III/2 Squadron 341 [RAF]


Hi guys  :salute: , we are proud to present :


 SQUADRON 341 G.C III/2 "Alsace" R.A.F




We recruit Francophone players, Joystick mandatory, Squadron only FRB


Join us on official Ts - ip : - Pw : Spitfire (SQUADRON 341 Channel)





No.341 (French) Squadron 'G.C. III/2 'Alsace' was a French-manned fighter squadron that served with 2nd Tactical Air Force, taking part in the liberation of Europe in 1944-45.

During 1942 a Free French Flight was operating in the Western Desert, but towards the end of the year its personnel were moved to Britain, where on 15 January 1943 they formed the new No.341 Squadron. Two months later the Spitfire-equipped fighter squadron moved south to Biggin Hill, from where it took part in offensive sweeps over northern France.

In October 1943 the squadron moved to Cornwall, from where it few offensive sweeps over Brittany. In April 1944 the squadron moved back to the south-east, where it joined 2nd Tactical Air Force, the British contribution to the massive air force being created to support the D-Day landings. No.341 Squadron formed part of No.145 Wing, where it operated alongside a number of other French fighter squadron.

The squadron helped support the D-Day Landings. It moved into the Normandy beachhead in August, and advanced with the Allied armies, reaching Belgium in September. The squadron remained on the continent for most of the rest of the war, although February 1945 was spent back at Turnhouse, where it had been formed. The squadron flew armed reconnaissance missions over German occupied territory, focusing on communications targets.

The squadron remained on the continent after the end of the war. On 7 November 1945 the squadron, but not its aircraft, was passed to the Armée de l'Air.






One of the RAFs best known fighter pilots, with more than 20 victories, Clostermann was a Free French officer and later the author of a classic book about World War Two flying, The Big Show. Clostermann came to Britain via the United States and was first in action with 341 (Alsace) Squadron on Spitfires in 1943. By D-Day he was with 602 Squadron, also on Spitfires, and flew a patrol over the beaches late in the afternoon of June 6th. On June 14th he became the first French pilot to land in liberated France. Rested in July 1944, Clostermann returned to action in January 1945 and from 4th March was flying Tempests with 274 Squadron. His first Tempest score was a Bf 109 on his second day during a "cannon test". In the middle of March 1945 he was posted as a Flight commander to No 56 Squadron. With this unit he destroyed a Bf109 in the air. On 8th April he was transferred to No 3 Squadron as "A" Flight commander where he on 20th April scored two Fw190D-9s. Clostermann's final score in Tempest is at least 12 destroyed, 6 shared and 2 probables. He was awarded the DSO and DFC and Bar in addition to French, Belgian and American decorations. Post war he achieved world-wide fame with The Big Show, and other books, and enjoyed a substantial career in politics and th aviation industry. Pierre Clostermann passed away on 22nd March 2006.

medal medal

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Bonjour, après avoir joué un peu en Arcade j'ai trouvé ça marrant mais lassant à la fin et voudrais passer un peu plus sérieusement et uniquement en FRB.  Alterner entre Arcade et FRB me rends dingue car je suis du coup nul dans les deux modes.  Cependant je trouve le FRB  assez rugueux d'abordage et pour le moment je trouve  que je passe plus de temps à chercher des solutions/formations sur le web que  réellement en jeu. Par ailleurs en solo c'est un peu chiant...


Vous recrutez toujours ? Sur votre site web c'est marqué : 


Le Squadron 341 ouvre son école de chasse, 

et aussi 

Nous fermons le recrutement pour le moment


 Je peux jouer régulièrement ( 1 à 2 sessions de 2h par semaine)  mais pas forcément no-life avec  sorties hebdo obligatoires.   Mais je suis persévérant et veux apprendre. J'ai TS, joystick et bientot  TrackIr. 



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